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Mar 16, 2023
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1 Self-Reflective Journal Galen College of Nursing February 1,2023 Since I began school, my life has changed. there is so much out there to learn about, and there's no way you're going to know it all, but the trick is to identify what you don't know, figure
2 out what you do need to know, and then go out and learn it. Learning how to learn and learning how to ask the correct questions are probably two of the most important skills you should take away from nursing school and continue to develop long after that. I wish I took school seriously at a younger age, but I am happy that I decided to take this leap at a more mature age because I am taking it more seriously especially now that I like what I am studying. As I'm getting back into the swings of my academic career, I realize ta king care of yourself and your body is extremely important, and the long-term effects of doing so (or not doing so) are very evident down the road. This means exercise, eat healthy, and breathe in fresh air as much as you can. The sun is so incredibly crucial to a lot of people's wellbeing, including my own, and it's crazy how much just being outside in the sun (or conversely, not seeing the sun for a week) can affect your mood. Overall, these three things can translate to better sleep, more energy, and more focus, which are all things that are important for academic success anyways. Another thing I learned about nursing school it's ok to ask for help, I was always a lone wolf when it comes to learning things, but sometimes its ok to see other people's other point of view. A concept you might not get someone else may give you another way to look at it. There will be times where you think you might not know anything - not a single thing, when everyone around you knows it all. Everyone goes through this at some point, so while it seems like the people around you are literal geniuses in some specific subject, they might not be as strong of a memorizer for the adverse effects of certain medication or clear on certain EKG's. For what it's worth, they might be looking at you and wishing they could be as good as you in some other strength that you might not see. It's also something that might recur from time to time and it's ok that it does but talk about it out loud instead of keeping it bottled up inside. At Galen sometimes, you need help. Actually, it is quite inevitable that you will reach a time in your life when you need help, whether it's with a homework problem, or a relationship issue, or a combination of a million different small things that you can't even begin to verbalize. As soon as you can, identify people that you can trust and on-campus resources you can leverage for help. For instance, on-campus resources == your career center for career questions or student support services for those other million things. Then, if/when the time comes, you will know that you can turn to these places for help. To conclude one of the most vial lessons I will use in my future nursing career for when I am a new grad on the floor, I will not be afraid to ask questions. To conclude writing this reflection made me realize since beginning school is our time in college will go by so fast. Hopefully at the end of it, you'll wish you had a bit more time. Even if you think you have some number of months or years left, remember that in a split second, everything could change (e.g., global pandemic). So never take the time for granted, always try to be present in the moment. Always remember your why.
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