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PSYCH 5212
Nov 20, 2023
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Abstract Psychosocial stress has various negative effects on an individual's health. If such stress is prolonged, these effects can be life-threatening, triggering conditions that include hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, sleep deprivation, and hormonal imbalances. These conditions can subsequently contribute to a variety of concomitant ailments. It is, therefore, essential to understanding what groups are particularly susceptible to psychological stress. Furthermore, it is useful to identify what psychosocial stressors are most common among these susceptible groups. Understanding the conditions and identifying those who are most likely to suffer from the conditions will help health care providers set up preventative and palliative treatments. To understand how psychosocial stress affects society, we must also analyze the correlational relationship between this perceived stress and other factors that exacerbate the negative consequences of stress. These include abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other controlled substances. Multiple research studies have shown that psychosocial stressors related to finance, family/relationship, and occupational stress can lead to abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. By analyzing these factors and cohort studies of prevention methods, including spiritual well- being, support groups and classes, and positive interventions, health care providers can develop effective intervention and prevention methods and areas that need further study to ameliorate the effects of psychosocial stress. In this paper, I discuss the findings of this research. Key Words: psychosocial stress, hormonal imbalances, alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, smoking tobacco, financial instability, occupational stress, family/relationship stress, depression, positive interventions, spiritual well-being
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