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NUR 150
Feb 15, 2023
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. Why is insulin identified as a High-alert medication? Guide to answer the reaction death can come with hypoglycemia & huperg lucemic 11. What is the prescribed route of administration? subcutaneously C 96 12. According to the MAR, which pre-administration assessment is required for insulin? and assess capillary blood glucose level 13. What is the rationale for allowing blood to wick onto the test strip rather than scraping it onto the strip when performing blood glucose monitoring? it could give you Yos hea - 14. Based on the 0700 capillary blood glucose level of 236 mg/dL and the correction insulin scale on the MAR, how many units of insulin will you administer? 6units 15. Ms. Maxwell's MAR states to use "U-100" insulin: What does this mean? She spesically resulted to use A "U- 10O" insulin Rach 1 ImL contains look Of insulin & the med is usually supplied in 100 units per ml 16. Regular insulin is short-acting. Refer to the pharmacodynamics in your drug guide and list the onset, peak and duration of this medication. Onset Peak Duration 30 ming - Ihr Peaka-ons 5-8hr Page 7 Pre-laboratory activity NURS 150 $23 Lab 4
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