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Sep 25, 2023
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McMillan et al. (2021) found that IPE using interprofessional simulation techniques was highly valued by undergraduate nursing and medical students, emphasizing the need for further research to examine its effectiveness across diverse healthcare professions and education levels. The study's limitations, such as varying prior knowledge and a limited sample, highlight the need for further research on the effectiveness of IPE in promoting IPC across diverse healthcare professions and education levels. Similarly in another study involving undergraduate nursing students, Fortuna et al. (2022) emphasized the importance of a well-designed syllabus in preparing students for effective IPC, however, the study did not sufficiently justify the significance and benefits of IPE. Hence, future research should explore alternative data collection methods to assess the impact of implementation in clinical settings. This was highlighted in Murdoch et al.'s (2017) scoping review which analyzed four studies utilizing different methods, including online coursework, simulation, elderly person shadowing, and interprofessional simulation training programs, to evaluate the effectiveness of IPE in improving disaster management knowledge, attitudes towards older adults, participant opinions, and IC skills. Despite the fact that the study discovered a significant improvement in IPC and teamwork among students, the analysis lacked robustness and concrete evidence to support the findings, which reveals a gap in the current knowledge base. This emphasizes the necessity for additional research to gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles and potential remedies in the successful implementation of IPE simulation programs within nursing education, specifically within the Australian setting. Moreover, to delve deeper into the subject matter, two additional qualitative studies have specifically examined the experiences of undergraduate students with IPE in a clinical environment.
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