Easiest and Hardest Lab Item This Week

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BIOL 213
Apr 4, 2023
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1. The male reproductive system had to be the hardest to label. I spent hours trying to understand some parts and memorize them. Although I'm not super confident about doing well if I see it in the exams but know I would get some parts correct. I just quizlet study cards to help understand better. Urinary bladder Corpus spongiosum Glans penis Prostatic urethra Prostate External urethral orifice Testis
2. Renal artery
This was the easiest slide to label because I had already studied how to label it when we went through the arteries and veins. Using the power point slide and quizlet as always help me out with learn some parts faster. Iliac crest Left ureter aorta Left kidney Rectum Renal vein
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