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Jul 10, 2023
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Key Terminology - Urinary Elimination Anuria - no urine; inability to void; person not passing any urine Dysuria - difficulty voiding; possibly painful sensation along with it Glycosuria - glucose in the urine; not normal substance to have in urine Nocturia - increased frequency at night; common in older adults, lying supine overnight time; quite disruptive to sleep Oliguria - diminished urine output Polyuria - increased or excessive amounts; emptying bladder frequently and large volumes Urgency - strong desire to void + get to washroom Incontinence - involuntary loss of urine Emesis = vomiting Key Terminology - Bowel Elimination Peristalsis - wavelike muscular contraction, refer to GI tract, assisting to move contents through intestine (mouth down + through + out) Feces - interchangeable with stool Stool - interchangeable with feces Constipation - infrequent bowel movement, difficult passage of stool, fewer than 3 BM/week, different causes Impaction - collection of hardened feces, wedged in lower intestine or rectum, cannot be expelled by patient alone Diarrhea - increased number of stools + passage of liquid stools Hemorrhoids - swollen veins/enlargement Incontinence - involuntary loss of feces or gas or both
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