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Oct 3, 2023
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Wesleyan College Department of Modern Languag e s Beginning Spanish I SPA 101-02 Syllabus / Fall 2021 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Name: Dr. Alain-Richard Sappi Class hour: 11:00 AM - 11:50 MWF in TATE 226 Phone number: (478) 757-5231 Email: asappi@wesleyancollege. Office hours: 9:00-10:00 am MWF in TATE 211 Introduction Welcome to Spanish 101! Please read this syllabus carefully so that you will be aware of my policies and your responsibilities in this course. Feel free to make an appointment or to email if you have any questions about course policies or about anything we are working on in class. My job is to help you! ***You must earn a grade of C or higher in order to meet the language proficiency graduation requirement.*** Student Learning Outcomes: Students in SPA 101 should be at the ACTFL level of Novice Mid to Novice High by the end of the semester. Using simple sentences most of the time, and a mixture of practiced and memorized words, phrases, and sentences, I can... Express likes and dislikes on familiar, everyday topics Present personal information about my life, interests, and activities Express and present my preferences or feelings on familiar and everyday activities Request and provide information by asking and answering simple questions on very familiar and everyday topics Express, ask about, and react to preferences, feelings, or opinions to keep a conversation going Identify basic information I see or hear using memorized or familiar words when supported by gestures or visuals Identify products and practices of my culture and other cultures to help me understand perspectives Textbooks Blanco and Donley. Aventuras 5th edition. Vista Higher Learning, 2018 with online access. Materials Access to a computer with Internet, speakers or headphones, webcam, and a microphone. 1
Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser will be required for any out of class testing in this course, if needed. Course details 1) Campus-wide Policies Please refer to the document Campus-Wide Academic Policies 2021-2022 at this link. 2) Online VHL work You will use your Supersite WebSAM (VHL) access code to register online according to the instructions on the Canvas site. You will listen and complete lab exercises online. Assigned exercises must be completed by 11:45 pm on the due dates which will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Late labs will be accepted with a 25% penalty for each day late. Note: Set up VHL account: Walk-in workshop for help on Monday, Aug 16 4-6 p.m. and Tuesday, Aug 17 4-6 p.m. in LIB 208 3) Potential Zoom sessions In the event we must go to remote learning, we will use Zoom and will meet during our regular class times. You will receive points for your attendance and involvement in any Zoom sessions just as you would for face to face class. Find a place away from distractions. Be sure there is no music or television noise in the background. 4) In both face to face and Zoom sessions, please do not eat or chew gum. It is distracting to others, and difficult and impolite to speak with your mouth full. Cell phones must be out of sight. We have limited time together, and need to be devoted to the classroom and one another. In face to face sessions, only drinks in enclosed containers with a straw may be consumed in class under masks. 5) Attendance and participation Participation is vital in foreign language courses; however, we must also balance that need with COVID safety. Be in class when you are well. Follow any campus procedures currently in place, and notify me if you must be out for illness so that we can work together to keep you on track. Attendance is mandatory. Learning a language requires consistent, continuous reinforcement; therefore, you are required to be in class every day . Commit yourself to being in class every day, ready to work. My policy on absences is simple: you have 3 grace absences covering both excused and unexcused absences . So, all absences count, including illnesses or other personal problems. You should not squander your 3 absences for trivial matters ("I just don't feel like going to class today) as you may need them for something urgent. However, you can ONLY receive 90/100 as Final Grade when presenting 3 absences and active participation . On the four absences , you will lose 10 points from your participation grade, and 5 points per day for each subsequent absence. You may check the status of your attendance at any time through canvas. N.B A word about cell phones : while these tools of communication are a convenience in many situations, they are unwelcome in my classroom. Please turn off and stow your cell phone before class starts. If I hear or see your cell phone (or one in your possession) during class, you will receive a 0.0 for that week's participation grade. If you 2
send text message during class time, you automatically receive F as Final Participation Grade . Thank you for your courteous cooperation. Attendance and participation grade will be posted at midterm and at the end of the semester. 6) Compositions Honing your writing skills in Spanish contributes to improving your overall ability to express yourself in writing. In this course, beside the daily written assignments, students will complete two compositions of 200 and 250 words respectively , written in class. 7) Testing There will be four tests, 12 quizzes, and a final exam. The plan is for assessments to be in face to face class. Students will be required to use Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor during all quizzes and tests taken on Canvas if we go remote. Any alteration of the monitoring program, suspicious activity during testing, or observed cheating will result in a zero on the quiz or test, as well as notification to the Provost who may also refer the case to Honor Court. Cell phones must be out of sight during any assessments. 8) Make-up work Online lab work is due as listed in the online program. Partial credit is given for late work completed in the days after it is due as listed above. There are no make-up quizzes. Two (2) lowest quiz grades will be dropped, so if you miss 2 quizzes, those zeros will be dropped. Additional missed quizzes will receive zeroes. There will be four tests during the semester plus one Final Exam. You may not make up these tests; however, for anyone who has presented a valid written excuse, acceptable to me, for one missed test due to serious illness, hospitalization, death in the family, or other events, the final exam grade may also count for the missed test grade. All students must take the final exam at the listed time and date. 9) Academic Honesty Wesleyan's Academic Integrity Policy will be upheld in this course. Please consult the Campus-Wide Academic Policies 2021-2022 at this link. In short, students must do all of their own work for anything that may receive a grade. In addition to the testing policy already listed, if I discover students copying one another's assignments or having others do their work, or students using scripts if not allowed during individual presentations or oral exams, I will give all involved parties a zero on the assignment and notify the Provost of the incident. Copying includes doing homework together online and deciding to put in the same answers. Students may not use translation programs such as Google Translate or people for any sentence-length translations in online work. I expect you to use the vocabulary and structures we are learning in class. Translation programs and other people will use words and structures that I know you don't know. You may also be reported to Honor Council. I want to see your capabilities and progress so that I may help you. 10) Tutoring Please do not hesitate to let me know if you think you need extra help. Our class Teaching Assistant Colleen and I will work with you. There will also be group tutoring sessions through the Academic Resource Center. 3
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