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Mechanical Engineering
Dec 18, 2023
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COMPETENCY - BASED LEARNING MATERIALS Sector: METALS AND ENGINEERING ( SECTOR ) Qualification: SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING NC II Unit of Competency: WELD CARBON STEEL PIPES USING SMAW Module Title: WELDING ON CARBON STEEL PIPES Insti tution: LMMSAT - TESDA Poblacion West, Asingan, Pangasinan LMMSAT - TESDA QA SYSTEM Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II Date Developed: Document N. Issued by: Developed by: Jerry R. Torrado Revision No. Page _ of
LIST OF COMPETENCIES No. Unit of Competency Module Title Code 1. Weld Carbon Steel Plates using SMAW Welding Carbon Steel Plates using SMAW MEE721306 2. Weld Carbon Steel Pipes Using SMAW Welding Carbon Steel Pipes Using SMAW MEE721306
HOW TO USE THIS COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING MATERIAL Welcome to the module in Welding Carbon Steel Pipes Using SMAW. This module contains training materials and activities for you to complete. The unit of competency "Weld Carbon Steel Pipes Using SMAW" contains knowledge, skills and attitudes required for Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II. It is one of the specialized modules at National Certificates Level (NC II). You are required to go through a series of learning activities in order to complete each learning outcome of the module. In each learning outcome are Information Sheets and Resources Sheets (Reference Materials for further reading to help you better understand the required activities). Follow these activities on your own and answer the self-check at the end of each learning outcome. You may remove a blank answer sheet at the end of each module (or get one from your facilitator/trainer) to write your answers for each self-check. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask you facilitator for assistance. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) You may already have some or most of the knowledge and skills covered in this learner's guide because you have: been working for some time already completed training in this area If you can demonstrate to your trainer that you are competent in a particular skill or skills, talk to him/her about having them formally recognized so you don't have to do the same training again. If you have a qualification or Certificate of Competency from previous trainings, show it to your trainer. If the skills you acquired are still current and relevant to the unit/s of competency they may become part of the evidence you can present for RPL. If you are not sure about the currency of your skills, discuss this with your trainer. At the end of this module is a Learner's Diary. Use this diary to record important dates, jobs undertaken and other workplace events that will assist you in providing further details to your trainer or assessor. A Record of Achievement is also provided for your trainer to complete once you complete the module. This module was prepared to help you achieve competency, in Welding Carbon Steel Pipes Using SMAW . This will be the source of information for you to
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