12 Echinodermata 5

5. A STEROIDEA : Aboral View Oral View mouth anus Penta-radial symmetry : strong biomechanic structure 3 . too little weak joints 4 (or even #5) : will line up along diameter 3 create weak point 6-rays , have regenerative abilities 3 purposefully pop off an arm in Self-defense optical Purple stars are keystone species tube foot · Lintertidal zone) ut) ( can sense lig 5-6 rays (if predatory can have many stars used to observe radial canal , ! variating E support lateral interambulacrum * go counter- canals in tube feet no rays) al -madreposite ni i Clockwise & & In - O w D o a & T >A M 9 u Stone canal : m & P Y S reinforced tube e : anal us M encased in CaCOs z - central disc N attaches to ring ener ene no u h - L B take a C & B cross utin. canal Cube foot Arm-ray My onopores : in each interambulacral papullaegills : 9 as exchange & region (divecious H20 vascular system : 4 Cambulacrum gonads connected to gonopore - ring can al - radial can al - guts-gonads fill the - lateral can als (feed tube feet) arms - stone canal (leads to madreporte - Pollian vessicles (hold 20 When tube foot is contracted)
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