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Page 1/6 University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering Oct 6, 2020 Mec E 362 Time: 80 min Midterm exam Mechanics of Machines Instructor: Dr. Ben Jar Opebook exam: Only Faculty-approved non-programmable or programmable calculators are allowed during the exams. Exams are open book, i.e., the textbook and a double-sided letter-sized formula sheet. Totally: 35 marks Name: ________________________________________________ Student number: _______________________________________ Marks: Q1 ___________________ (14 marks) Q2 ___________________ (21 marks) I, _______________________________, hereby declare that answers provided in this exam paper are calculated and provided by me only, without discussion with anyone during the exam period. Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _October 6, 2020___ (You can use your ualberta email address to represent your signature)
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Page 4/6 Q2. (21 marks) Provide brief explanations in the given space (use Times New Roman 12 if you type your answers) (a) (3 marks) (Mobility) The figure on the right - hand side is a conceptual design of a quick return mechanism. Link 4 contains a slot which allow a pin as part of block 5 to slide. Determine Number of J1 and J2 pairs: J1 = _______________________; J2 = ________________________ Mobility (Degree of Freedom of the system): (Use the space below to provide calculation to support your answer, but this part is not required) (b) ( 3 marks) (relative velocity) For the system described in the figure above, use relative motion analysis to express velocity of block 5 in terms of angular velocity of link 4 and relative velocity between link 4 and blok 5. Example of the expressoin: 𝑉 ? ⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑ = 𝑉 ? ⃑⃑⃑⃑ + 𝜔 ⃑ × 𝑟 ?/? ⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑⃑ + 𝑉 ⃑ ?/? 𝑆
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