Studio 5 Problems

Problem 1 Water is pumped from the tank shown. The head loss is known to be ±²³´ ± µ³¶ , where ´ is the average velocity in the pipe. According to the pump manufacturer, the relationship between the pump head and the flowrate is as shown in Fig. b: · ² ¸ ³¹ º ³¹¹¹» ± , where · ² is in meters and » is in ¼ ³ µ½ . Determine the flowrate, » . Problem 2 Water flows steadily in a pipe and exits as a free jet through an end cap that contains a filter as shown. The flow is in a horizontal plane. The axial component, ¾ ´ , of the anchoring force needed to keep the end cap stationary is ¿¹ÀÁ . Determine the head loss for the flow through the end cap.
Problem 4 For the ±Â¹ µ elbow and nozzle flow shown, determine the loss in available energy from section (1) to section (2). How much additional available energy is lost from section (2) to where the water comes to rest?
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