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Your design team's goal is to create an individualized pair of hiking poles with the following criteria: Works over a range of pole heights between 1.8 meters and 0.9 meters. The pole heights do not need to be adjustable but must work over the range specified. Each pole foldable in half in under 1 minute a pole. Each pole includes a spring within its length. Works over a range of spring stiffness. The spring does not need to be adjustable but must work over the range of spring stiffness you choose. Justify your choice of spring stiffnesses. Production Cost: < $100 per pair (if possible). Strap & Grip are not included in the price. Initial production run: 100 units. Design Goal: Minimize total weight of poles. Format of the reports (not to exceed 10 single-sided pages for the report and 5 additional pages for the Appendix) - Submitted on BlackBoard - Cover page including project title, date, names of group members and their signatures; assignment of percentage contribution of both members as evaluated by the other team member. You need to distribute the workload among the team members equally. Submit only one project per team. - Introduction - Analysis and results which should include: Material selection Component selection Stress analysis of the components, Fatigue analysis etc. Technical drawings of the components (CAD model can be created by Solidworks, Catia, etc.) - can be part of the Appendix Manufacture methods for the components - can be part of the Appendix Manufacturing tolerances of the components - can be part of the Appendix Cost analysis Finite Element Analyses results - Conclusion - Technical drawings - can be part of the Appendix -Bibliography Grading and Due Dates: Interim Report Date (30% of grade): November 16 th at 9:30am. Late policy applies. The Interim Report should be focused on showing your progress on the Analysis and Results. At this point you should show a clear understanding of your critical design parameters including: selection of materials, loading, components (including stress analysis etc.) and manufacturing methods. Initial drawings and initial costing should be included in the report.
Final Report Date (50% of grade): Last Week of Classes. 12/05/2023 midnight - No late submissions accepted. 8 Minute final, individual oral examination on project (20% of grade). 12/07/2023 in class and 12/14/2023 during exam. Guidelines for Report Writing The reports should be prepared on 8.5" × 11" paper with 1" margins all around. Use single space and 12-point font for the text. The text of the report should be typed and written in technical-writing-style English (as some of you may have learned in the course ENGL 21007: Writing for Engineers ). All figures and plots must be drawn neatly and accurately. All reports should not exceed 10 type written pages. 5 additional page is allowed for an Appendix. Any report that is not prepared in a format conformed to the aforementioned guideline; contains inaccurate technical information; or is written in poor English will be penalized. The report should include a cover page. All figures should be legible, captioned and properly referenced within the text. All axes should be labeled with the appropriate units. Legends should be included when appropriate. An example of a student submitted figures (Figure 2 and 5: Arias and Stashuk 2019) are shown below.
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