Practice Problems #4

1- The 10-kg block A rests on the 50-kg plate B in the position shown. Neglecting the mass of the rope and pulley, and using the coefficients of kinetic friction indicated, determine the time needed for block A to slide 0.5 m on the plate when the system is released from rest. Answer: Time: 0.519 s
2- At the instant ± = 60 ² , the boy's center of mass G is momentarily at rest. Determine his speed and the tension in each of the two supporting cords of the swing when ± = 90 ² . The boy has a weight of 60 lb. Neglect his size and the mass of the seat and cords. Answer: V = 9.29 ft/s T = 38 lb
3- A small 250-g collar C can slide on a semicircular rod which is made to rotate about the vertical AB at a constant rate of 7.5 rad/s. Determine the three values of θ for which the collar will not slide on the rod, assuming no friction between the collar and the rod. Answer ± = 0, 180 ³´µ 69.9 o
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