BME 7408 Principles and Applications of Digital Image Processing Department of Biomechatronics Engineering National Taiwan University Principles and Applications of Digital Image Processing Fall, 2023 Homework 1 Part 1: (50%) Histogram of an Image Design a software program to read the special .64 image file described in our lecture. Translate the .64 text file into a 64x64 image with 32 gray levels and store the data in a 2-dimensional array. Process the image array to obtain the histogram of the image. Test you program with the following .64 files and plot the histogram of each image. LISA.64, LINCOLN.64, JET.64, LIBERTY.64. You may plot the image histogram directly in your software program or plot the histogram with any plotting software such as EXCEL or MATLAB. Designing a function in your program to display the image on the screen is encouraged. Part 2: (50%) Arithmetic Operations of an Image Array Design a software program that will perform the basic tasks of arithmetic operations on an image or two images. Use the .64 image for this program. The assigned image processing operations are as follows: 1. Add or subtract a constant value to each pixel in the image. 2. Multiply a constant to each pixel in the image. 3. Create a new image which is the average image of two input images. 4. Create a new image g ( x , y ) in which the value of each pixel is determined by calculating the pixel values of the input image f ( x , y ) using the following equation: g ( x , y ) = f ( x , y ) - f ( x- 1, y ) Calculate the histograms of the processed images from the above arithmetic operations and compare them with the histograms of the original image. Briefly discuss your results. Notes: 1. Please submit your programs and report to the AUTOLAB course website before Sept. 20 (2:20PM) . 2. Late submission will have a penalty of 10% discount per day of your homework total score toward a maximum of 50% discount. No late submission over five days will be accepted.
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