MA 127

Function A function- a rule taking taking certan numbers as inputs- assigns to each a definite output number DOMAIN- set of all inputs (input numbers) Input=number plugged into function-independent variable RANGE-result of domain (result of inputs) Function metaphore-vending machine-juicer-computer with different commands will have results Function e.g. 1/ F(x)= x+1 Input 1 Output: x+1 =1+1=2 Domain x or R=(- vo cung, +vo cung) R is all real numbers Range: R=(-vo cung, +vocung) -vo cung and +vo cung are not numbers so they are not considered inputs Types of functions: Quadratic? Linear? Polynomials? Vertex? Articulate? Union of these two intervals 2/ F(x)= x^2 Domain: R=(-vo cung, +vocung) Range: [0,+vocung) because 0^2=0, all negative and positive numbers ^2 would be positive 3/ MORE EXAMPLES IN PHONE PHOTOS
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