10:30 AM Sun Oct 29 EST I-Math-June 2022.pdf ~ 1. Given 2x + y = 8 and 3y + x = —1. What is the value of y —2x? ToR> | @ 2. What is the slope of the line represented in the graph above? A. 2 S 0P WIN e N W 6. The impu | T —————— _ /2 + 3. what is the value of 3. ~ ol O 89% wm) M Q &= bone In a company, the total cost, in dollars, of the production of a certain product x is given by C(x) = ;x* 15x% +2000x. The profit made out of selling this product is given by P(x) = —3x* + 73—9x2 +1500x. If R(x) indicates the revenue made out of selling this product, and the relationship between the cost, the revenue, and the profit is represented by P(x) = R(x) C(x), which of the following expressions is equivalent to R(x)? A. R(x) = 63—4x2 +3500x R(x) = 3§x2 +3500x B. C. R(x) = —§x3 + %"xz +3500x D. R(x) = —§x3 +%x2 500x In Egypt, a tourist can travel a distance of 5km with just 15.57 EGP. Pedro needed to go to "San Pola™ hospital in Cairo. He took a taxi from "Al Marazeek™ bridge, which is approximately 35 Km away from the hospital. How much will Pedro pay for the driver, knowing that he gave him 10 extra EGP as tips? A. 55495 EGP B. 477.1 EGP C. 118.99 EGP D. 109.09 EGP The sum of three consecutive integers is 24. What is the product of the two greatest integers between them all? A. 27 B. 56 C. 72 D. 504
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