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MAT 140
Oct 29, 2023
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mc'*)oius MAT-140-X2544 P MAT-140 - 1421180 | 14 Module One Problem ¢ 1-4 Module One Problem Set ACADEMIC SUPPORT Question 8 Find the horizontal 2 points asymptote of the fus How Did 1 Do? Enter the intercepts The a-intercept is The y-intercept is The field below a z+1; ¢ 1). The Vertical asymptotes
et Current Grade: 89/60.0 Remaining Time: 177:45:04 Looking for additional support working through this problem or material? Check out SNHU's Academic Support resources available in the Academic Support module in Brightspace! intercepts, the vertical intercept, the vertical asymptotes, and the horizontal or slant iction. Use that information to sketch a graph. as points, (a, b). B 0.4) B o ccepts a list of numbers or formulas separated by semicolons (e.g. 2; 4; 6 or order of the list does not matter. Submit Assignment H Quit & Save ' ' Back H Q
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