EDU: Prese 1 In the game quot;The Simsquot;, how many Simoleons doe a. 15,000 b. 25,000 c. !20,000 d. 10,000 a. Benson b. Mule c. !Steed d. Pony 3 Which souls game was not directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki? a. Dark Souls 3 b. Dark Souls c. !Dark Souls 2 d. Demon Souls a. !Dragon King: The Fighting Game b. Smash and Pummel c. Contest of Champions d. Fighter of the Ages: Conquest 5 Which one of these chassis codes are used by BMW 3series? a. !E46 b. E39 c. F10 d. E85 6 Which of these animals is NOT a lizard? a. Gila Monster b. !Tuatara c. Komodo Dragon d. Green Iguana 7 Who wrote the song quot;You Know You Like Itquot;? a. Major Lazer b. !AlunaGeorge c. DJ Snake d. Steve Aoki a. Frappuccino b. Macchiato 2 Which of the following commercial vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV did NOT reappear in Grand Theft Auto V? 4 Before Super Smash Bros. contained Nintendo characters, what was it known as internally? 8 What was the development code name for the quot;Weatherlightquot; expansion for quot;Magic: The Gatheringquot;, released in 1997?
c. Decaf d. !Mocha Latte a. YuGiOh b. Dominion Page 1 c. Pokemon d. !Wyvern 10 Which of these is not a layer in the OSI model for data comm a. Transport Layer b. Physical Layer c. !Connection Layer d. Application Layer 1 The map featured in Arma 3 named quot;Altisquot; is base a. Anafi b. !Lemnos c. Ithaca d. Naxos a. !Lishana Deni b. Chaldean NeoAramaic c. Lishan Didan d. Hulaulaacute; a. What a Wonderful World b. Singing In The Rain c. When You Wish Upon A Star d. !Over the Rainbow 4 Who built the first laser? a. Jack Kilby b. Edith Clarke c. Nikola Tesla d. !Theodore Harold Maiman a. 13 b. !28 c. 20 9 Some of the quot;Fallen Empiresquot; cards from quot;Magic: The Gatheringquot; were misprinted on the backs of which other card game? 2 What is the name of one of the NeoAramaic languages spoken by the Jewish population from Northwestern Iraq? 3 Which song was the callsign for Stefan Verdemann039;s KWFM radio station in Urasawa Naoki039;s quot;Monsterquot;? 5 According to the 20142015 Australian Bureau of Statistics, what percentage of Australians were born overseas?
d. 7 6 What was the callsign of Commander William Adama in Bat a. Apollo b. Crashdown c. !Husker d. Starbuck 7 Where was Nicki Minaj born? a. Haiti b. Saint Lucia c. !Trinidad and Tobago d. Grenada a. Seifer b. Zell Page 2 c. !Fujin d. Raijin 9 Which English football team is nicknamed 039;The Tigers039;? a. Manchester City b. Cardiff City c. !Hull City d. Bristol City 10 In The Lies Of Locke Lamora, what does quot;Lamoraquo a. Justice b. !Shadow c. Chaos d. Thievery 1 In the 1976 film 039;Taxi Driver039;, how many guns did a. 2 b. 6 c. 1 d. !4 2 In the Harry Potter universe, what is Cornelius Fudge039;s mid a. !Oswald b. James c. Christopher d. Harold 3 What is Ron Weasley039;s middle name? a. Dominic b. Arthur 8 Which of these characters from Final Fantasy VIII primarily spoke in one word sentences?
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