Advanced Functions (MHF4U0) Independent Study Unit - Matrices Introduction: Post secondary study often requires the student to actively engage in the independent acquisition of concepts and ideas from multiple resources. As such, the purpose of this I.S.U. is to develop academic skills that will assist the student in a post-secondary environment. The components of this I.S.U. are outlined as follows: Task: Using the package posted on Angel students should become familiar with the following basic concepts involving matrices: a) Matrices and Matrix Operations. Matrix Notation, and Terminology (Page 23). b) Definition of a Matrix, Examples of Matrices (Column, Row, Square Matrix) (Page 24) c) Operations with Matrices (Addition, Subtraction, Scalar Multiplies, Equal Matrices) (Pages 25-30) d) Transpose of a Matrix (Pages 32-33) e) Properties of matrix Operations (Page 37) After the students mastered these basic concepts, from "a" to "e" they should move back to the beginning of the package and study: f) Introduction to Systems of Linear Equations (Pages 2-4) g) Augmented Matrices and Elementary Row Operations and Examples (Pages 4- 6) h) Solving Systems of Linear Equations using Gaussian Elimination and Gauss- Jordan Elimination (Pages 8-18) Compile a concise note for each section that will allow you to study from. Complete enough work from each section that you feel comfortable with the concept. Complete the homework handout attached on ANGEL. Be prepared to write a test on Matrices sometime in January. The teacher will be available in the classroom, as a resource during specific ISU periods. Check course website calendar for specific dates. Evaluation: Test
Collection of one of the concise note that was created from one of the sections and the homework handout. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ NELSON MANDELA~
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