EDU: H a. Hulaulaacute; b. Chaldean NeoAramaic c. Lishan Didan d. !Lishana Deni 2 If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur what would grow? a. Vegtables b. Grains c. Flowers d. !Trees 3 What was the name of the planet in quot;Aliensquot;? a. Weyland Yutani Corporation Base b. !LV426 c. FR838 d. DI621 4 Which of these artists did NOT remix the song quot;Fadedq a. Tieuml;sto b. Dash Berlin c. !Skrillex d. Slushii 5 What is the species of the quot;Predatorquot; in the 1987 m a. Xenomorph b. Phocrex c. Praetorian d. !Yautja 6 Chartreuse is a color between yellow and what? a. !Green b. Black c. Red d. Purple 7 Originally another word for poppy, coquelicot is a shade of what a. Pink b. Green c. !Red d. Blue 8 Which author cowrote quot;The Communist Manifestoquot; a. !Friedrich Engels b. Alexander Kerensky c. Robert Owen d. Paul Lafargue 1 What is the name of one of the NeoAramaic languages spoken by the Jewish population from Northwestern Iraq?
9 What national museum will you find in Cooperstown, New York? a. !National Baseball Hall of Fame b. Metropolitan Museum of Art c. Museum of Modern Art d. National Toy Hall of Fame Page 1 10 Who is the horror manga artist who made Uzumaki? a. Kazuo Umezu b. !Junji Ito c. Sui Ishida d. Shintaro Kago a. !The Lead Programmer039;s birthday b. The first release date of quot;Sonic the Hedgehogquot; c. The first release date of quot;Sonic the Hedgehog 2quot; d. The date Sonic Team was founded 2 How many known living species of hyenas are there? a. 8 b. !4 c. 2 d. 6 3 Where was the Games of the XXII Olympiad held? a. Tokyo b. Los Angeles c. Barcelona d. !Moscow 4 Bohdan Khmelnytsky was which of the following? a. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR b. Grand Prince of Novgorod c. Prince of Wallachia d. !Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks a. Bwonsamdi b. !Elortha no Shadra c. Hakkar d. Shirvallah 6 In quot;Star Trekquot;, who was the founder of the Klingo a. Lady Lukara of the Great Hall 1 In quot;Sonic the Hedgehog 2quot; for the Sega Genesis, what do you input in the sound test screen to access the secret level select? 5 In World of Warcraft lore, which of the following is known as the God of Spiders in the troll039;s loa beliefs?
b. Dahar Master Kor c. !Kahless the Unforgettable d. Molor the Unforgiving 7 Which species is a quot;mountain chickenquot;? a. Fly b. !Frog c. Chicken d. Horse 8 Gabe Newell was born in which year? a. 1960 b. 1972 c. 1970 d. !1962 Page 2 a. Z boson b. Tau neutrino c. !Graviton d. Gluon 10 Who is the founder of Palantir? a. Marc Benioff b. !Peter Thiel c. Mark Zuckerberg d. Jack Dorsey 1 Which of these songs was released in 1996? a. Prince quot;1999quot; b. James Blunt quot;1973quot; c. !The Smashing Pumpkins quot;1979quot; d. David Bowie quot;1984quot; 2 Which of the following is not another name for the eggplant? a. Guinea Squash b. Melongene c. !Potimarron d. Brinjal 3 How many total monsters appear in Monster Hunter Generation a. !105 b. 98 c. 100 d. 73 4 Which year was the album quot;Floral Shoppequot; by Mac 9 In quantum physics, which of these theorised subatomic particles has yet to be observed?
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