EDU: d 1 In which city, is the Big Nickel located in Canada? a. !Sudbury, Ontario b. Halifax, Nova Scotia c. Calgary, Alberta d. Victoria, British Columbia 2 Which game was exclusive to Dreamcast? a. Perfect Dark b. Sylvester amp; Tweety in Cagey Capers c. Tetrisphere d. !Pen Pen TriIcelon 3 In Les Miseacute;rables, who is Prison Code 24601? a. Jean Claude Van Damme b. !Jean Valjean c. Marius Pontmercy d. Javert 4 What is the name of rocky region that spans most of eastern C a. !Canadian Shield b. Rocky Mountains c. Appalachian Mountains d. Himalayas 5 What genetic disease is caused by having an extra Y chromo a. Klinefelter039;s Syndrome b. Turner039;s Syndrome c. !Jacob039;s Syndrome d. Down Syndrome 6 Botanically speaking, which of these fruits is NOT a berry? a. Banana b. Concord Grape c. Blueberry d. !Strawberry 7 Who is a pioneer of quot;Minimal Musicquot; in 1960s? a. !Steve Reich b. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart c. Brian Eno d. Sigur Roacute;s 8 Which card is on the cover of the Beta rulebook of quot;M a. Island b. Rock Hydra c. !Bog Wraith d. Elvish Archers
a. The Birthday Party b. !4.48 Psychosis c. Hamilton d. Much Ado About Nothing Page 1 10 How many partners can you obtain in Paper Mario: The T a. !7 b. 6 c. 10 d. 9 1 What is the name of the virus that infected New York in a. Red Poison b. Ebola c. Smallpox d. !Dollar Flu 2 How many copies of the notorious E.T. game for the Ata a. 250 Thousand b. !1.5 Million c. 1 Million d. Less than 250 Thousand 3 Which of the following is an existing family in quot;The Simsquo a. The Family b. The Simoleon Family c. The Proud Family d. !The Goth Family 4 What animal is on Link039;s pajamas in The Legend of Ze a. Swordfish b. Salmon c. !Crawfish d. Lobster 5 What engine is in the Lexus SC400? a. !1UZFE b. 5MGE c. 2JZGTE d. 7MGTE 6 Which car did not appear in the 2002 Lego Game: Drome Race a. !Wasp b. Raptor 9 Which of these plays was famously first performed posthumously after the playwright committed suicide?
c. Hornet d. Behemoth 7 In the quot;Devil May Cryquot; franchise, which game is chr a. Devil May Cry 2 b. Devil May Cry c. !Devil May Cry 3: Dante039;s Awakening d. Devil May Cry 4 8 What was the last colony the UK ceded marking the end of a. Australia b. Ireland c. India d. !Hong Kong a. !Vault 108 Page 2 b. Vault 101 c. Vault 21 d. Vault 87 10 The word quot;astasiaquot; means which of the following? a. The inability to make decisions b. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off c. !The inability to stand up d. The inability to concentrate on anything 1 What is the approximate value of mathematical constant e? a. 1.41 b. 1.62 c. 3.14 d. !2.72 2 What is the largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka? a. Negombo b. !Colombo c. Moratuwa d. Kandy 3 The prefix Sino As in SinoAmerican is used to refer to what n a. !Chinese b. Japanese c. Indian d. Russian 4 What is the official German name of the Swiss Federal Railways 9 What vault in the video game quot;Fallout 3quot; is the home of multiple clones named Gary?
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