Sentence Structure Exam

Pierrot Combined School Third Term Exams Grade Three Name: ___________________ Class: ___________________ Sentence Structure Part A Directions: Shade the letter for the CORRECT sentence. 1. (a) Mr. Brown was involved in an accident. (b) An accident Mr. Brown was involved in. (c) Mr. Brown were involved an accident in. 2. (a) Go I going to the supermarket. (b) To the supermarket I going. (c) I am going to the supermarket. 3. (a) Never won't I go fishing again. (b) I not going fishing again. (c) I will never go fishing again. 4. (a) Where the brush I put on the table is? (b) Where is the brush I put on the table? (c) On the table where I put the brush? 5. (a) The children is speaking loudly. (b) The children are speaking loudly. (c) Speaking loudly the children are. 6. (a) I does do it by myself. (b) Me that do it by myself. (c) I did it by myself. 1
7. (a) My brother and I go to the cinema. (b) Me and my brother does go to the cinema. (c) My brother and me had go to the cinema. 8. (a) The teacher had choose her for the spelling competition. (b) The teacher chose her for the spelling competition. (c) The spelling competition the teacher had choose her for. 9. (a) Danny is the most smartest boy in the class. (b) Danny is the smartest boy in the class. (c) In the class Danny is the more smarter. 10. (a) Jimmy in the library not today. (b) The library not today Jimmy in. (c) Jimmy is not in the library today. Part B Choose a question word from the list below to start each sentence. Who What When Where Why How Do 1. _________ tall are you, Sir? 2
2. _________ invented the computer? 3. _________ you know the directions to the bakery? 4. _________ is shouting in the class? 5. _________ are you going to clean your desk? 6. _________ would you like for breakfast? 7. _________ do you feel today? 8. _________ are you late? 9. _________ you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice-cream? 10. _________ is the washroom? Part C Complete the sentences using the words the, a, or an. 1. I drank _______ glass of water. 2. I'll have _______ apple for break. 3. _______ young child should not be left home alone. 4. I have just bought ______ nice gold bracelet. 5. You should take ______ umbrella, it's going to rain. 6. Yuck! There is ______ insect in my salad bowl. 7. Don't forget to turn ______ lights off when leaving the room! 8. There is a huge traffic jam in _______ city. 9. You have such _______ lovely handwriting. 10. My older brother is ______ artist. Part D Complete the sentences with and, but or because. 1. I would love to have a new tablet _____ I do not have enough money. 2. Randy could not go to school ______ he was sick. 3. We waited for fifteen minutes ______ the bus never came. 4. Jenny is part of the school's choir _______ dance club. 3
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