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Page 1 EDU: Week Question 1: Which of these is NOT a city in India? a. a. Hyderabad b. !Islamabad c. Ghaziabad d. Ahmedabad Question 2: Who won the 1989 Drum Corps International championships? a. a. Blue Devils b. The Academy c. !Santa Clara Vanguard d. The Bluecoats Question 3: What is the scientific name of the cheetah? a. a. Lynx rufus b. Panthera onca c. Felis catus d. !Acinonyx jubatus Question 4: Which of these is NOT a song featured on the Lockjaw EP released in 2013 by Flume amp; Chet Faker? a. a. This Song Is Not About A Girl b. Drop The Game c. What About Us d. !Left Alone Question 5: When was Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany? a. a. September 1, 1939 b. !January 30, 1933 c. February 27, 1933 d. October 6, 1939 Question 6: Which of these songs is not by Tatsuro Yamashita? a. a. MerryGo Round b. Let039;s Dance Baby c. !Lucky Lady Feel So Good d. Love Talkin039; Question 7: What was the real name of the Albanian national leader Skanderbeg? a. a. Mirash Krasniki b. Iskander Bejko c. !Gjergj Kastrioti d. Diturak Zhulati Question 8: The Dice Tower network of board game podcasts and videos is run by which individual? a. a. Jason LeVine b. Borth Sampson c. !Tom Vasel d. Uncle Pennybags Question 9: What was the last colony the UK ceded marking the end of the British Empire? a. a. Australia b. India c. Ireland d. !Hong Kong
Page 2 Question 10: What immense structure is referred to in Norse Mythology as the Yggdrasil. a. a. Mountain b. Temple c. !Tree d. Castle Question 1: Which game was exclusive to Dreamcast? a. a. Perfect Dark b. Tetrisphere c. !Pen Pen TriIcelon d. Sylvester amp; Tweety in Cagey Capers Question 2: In Kendrick Lamar039;s 2012 album, quot;Good Kid, M.A.A.D Cityquot;, the album039;s story takes place in which city? a. a. Detroit b. !Compton c. Baltimore d. New York Question 3: Which male player won the gold medal of table tennis singles in 2016 Olympics Games? a. a. Vladimir Samsonov Belarus b. Jun Mizutani Japan c. !Ma Long China d. Zhang Jike China Question 4: America Online AOL started out as which of these online service providers? a. a. CompuServe b. !Quantum Link c. Prodigy d. GEnie Question 5: What was the original name of New York City? a. a. New Rome b. !New Amsterdam c. New Paris d. New London Question 6: Which of these was an official candidate in the 2017 British General Election? a. a. Robert Wimbledon b. James Francis c. !Lord Buckethead d. Sir Crumpetsby Question 7: In June 2017, Saudi Arabia and Egypt broke off ties with which country over its supposed support for terrorism? a. a. United States of America b. Bahrain c. !Qatar d. Russia Question 8: In Magic: The Gathering, what term for blocking was established in the Portal set? a. a. Shielding b. Resisting c. !Intercepting d. Blocking Question 9: Named after the mallow flower, mauve is a shade of what?
Page 3 a. a. !Purple b. Red c. Brown d. Pink Question 10: What was the name of the first Bulgarian personal computer? a. a. !IMKO1 b. IZOT 1030 c. Pravetz 82 d. Pravetz 8D Question 1: Who wrote the novel quot;MobyDickquot;? a. a. William Shakespeare b. William Golding c. !Herman Melville d. J. R. R. Tolkien Question 2: Which souls game was not directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki? a. a. Demon Souls b. !Dark Souls 2 c. Dark Souls d. Dark Souls 3 Question 3: Which of the following plastic is commonly used for window frames, gutters and drain pipes? a. a. Polystyrene PS b. Polypropylene PP c. !Polyvinylchloride PVC d. Polyethylene PE Question 4: Which of the following languages does NOT use gender as a part of its grammar? a. a. !Turkish b. German c. Polish d. Danish Question 5: Which album was released by Kanye West in 2013? a. a. Watch the Throne b. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy c. !Yeezus d. The Life of Pablo Question 6: What is the tallest mountain in Canada? a. a. Mont Tremblant b. !Mount Logan c. Blue Mountain d. Whistler Mountain Question 7: What is the name of the process that sends one qubit of information using two bits of classical information? a. a. !Quantum Teleportation b. Quantum Programming c. Super Dense Coding d. Quantum Entanglement Question 8: Which actors made up the trio in quot;The Good, the Bad, and the Uglyquot;? a. a. Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, and Tonino Delli Colli
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