MATH: Dia 1 Which of these is NOT a car model produced by Malaysia a. !Kelisa b. Saga c. Perdana d. Inspira a. B.L.I.N.K b. !Chronal Accelerator c. Spacial Displacement Manipulator d. TMD Time Manipulation Device a. Gerard Butler b. John Powell c. !Jay Baruchel d. Jack Brauchel 4 What is the last line muttered in the anime film quot;The En a. !quot;How disgusting.quot; b. quot;Nothing.quot; c. quot;Goddammit, Shinji.quot; d. quot;Idiot, I won039;t let you kill me!quot; a. Emporio Ivankov b. Nico Robin c. Boa Hancock d. !Koala 6 Which of these characters wasn039;t a villian in Club Penguin? a. Herbert P. Bear b. Ultimate ProtoBot 10000 c. Tusk d. !The Director a. Lich b. Displacer Beast c. Beholder d. !Tarrasque 8 Which animation studio produced the anime adaptation of qu a. !Production I.G 2 What device allows Tracer to manipulate her own time in the game quot;Overwatchquot;? 3 Who voice acted the character Hiccup in the movie quot;How to Train Your Dragonquot;? 5 In quot;One Piecequot;, who is the girl who overcame her enslaved past and became an agent of an army to fight the corrupt government? 7 What is the most challenging monster in the Dungeons amp; Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual?
b. Kyoto Animation c. Xebec d. Sunrise 9 What is the collective noun for vultures? a. !Wake b. Ambush Page 1 c. Gaze d. Building 10 Who is the horror manga artist who made Uzumaki? a. Shintaro Kago b. Sui Ishida c. Kazuo Umezu d. !Junji Ito 1 What was the last Aphex Twin album released before his dec a. Collected Ambient Works 8592 b. Windowlicker c. Syro d. !Drukqs 2 The mountainous Khyber Pass connects which of the two fo a. Pakistan and India b. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan c. !Afghanistan and Pakistan d. India and Nepal 3 What is the scientific name of the red fox? a. Vulpes Redus b. Red Fox c. !Vulpes Vulpes d. Vulpes Vulpie a. The Center Mall b. Komuro039;s House c. !Eastern Police Station d. On The Main Bridge a. !DeLorean b. Dev c. Demo d. Deep 4 In quot;Highschool of the Deadquot;, where did Komuro and Saeko establish to meet after the bus explosion? 5 The 039;D039; in the term quot;DMailquot; from the game quot;Steins; Gatequot; is short for what?
a. !Strom Thurmond b. John Barrasso c. Roy Blunt d. Chuck Schumer 7 Which school in Surrey, England did Steve Backshall attend? a. Tomlinscote School b. !Collingwood College c. Kings International College d. Lyndhurst School 8 In Magic: The Gathering, which of the following was the f a. Dirtcowl Wurm b. Beast of Burden c. !Lightning Dragon Page 2 d. Revenant 9 In Terraria, which debuff does the ankh charm not provide imm a. Slow b. !Venom c. Bleeding d. Cursed 10 In the Marvel Universe, the planet of Svartalfheim is home to a. Skrulls b. !Dark Elves c. Frost Giants d. Kronans 1 Who was the original drummer for The Beatles? a. Pete Best b. Stuart Sutcliffe c. Ringo Starr d. !Tommy Moore 2 Which of the following chemicals are found in eggplant seeds? a. Psilocybin b. Mescaline c. Cyanide d. !Nicotine a. !Entrantilde;as b. amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; 6 Which of the following United States senators is known for performing a 24hour long filibuster? 3 What is the name of the 2016 mixtape released by Venezuelan electronic producer Arca?
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