Medic and medical whore (13)

Page 1 MED: Slides Q: Which is the chemical name of H2O? 1. Manganese dioxide 2. Ammonium chloride 3. Dihydrogen Monoxide 4. Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate A: Dihydrogen Monoxide Q: In what year did the first quot;The Walking Deadquot; comic come out? 1. 2006 2. 1999 3. 2001 4. 2003 A: 2003 Q: Who built the first laser? 1. Theodore Harold Maiman 2. Edith Clarke 3. Nikola Tesla 4. Jack Kilby A: Theodore Harold Maiman Q: Which game in the quot;Monster Hunterquot; series introduced the monster quot;Gobulquot;? 1. Monster Hunter Frontier 2. Monster Hunter Tri 3. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 4. Monster Hunter Generations A: Monster Hunter Tri Q: Which year was the third Super Bowl held? 1. 1968 2. 1971 3. 1969 4. 1970 A: 1969 Q: Which gaming series includes quot;The Diabolical Boxquot; and quot;The Curious Villagequot;? 1. Etrian Odyssey 2. Professor Layton 3. Sam amp; Max 4. Persona A: Professor Layton Q: Coulrophobia is the irrational fear of what? 1. Tunnels 2. Cemeteries 3. Needles 4. Clowns A: Clowns Q: What is the capital of Wisconsin, USA? 1. Green Bay 2. Milwaukee
Page 2 3. Wisconsin Dells 4. Madison A: Madison Q: Which of these plays was famously first performed posthumously after the playwright committed suicide? 1. Much Ado About Nothing 2. Hamilton 3. The Birthday Party 4. 4.48 Psychosis A: 4.48 Psychosis Q: What is the name of the Boeing B29 that dropped the 039;Little Boy039; atomic bomb on Hiroshima? 1. Necessary Evil 2. Enola Gay 3. The Great Artiste 4. Full House A: Enola Gay Q: What tool lends it039;s name to a laststone advantage in an end in Curling? 1. Screwdriver 2. Hammer 3. Wrench 4. Drill A: Hammer Q: What scientific suborder does the family Hyaenidae belong to? 1. Haplorhini 2. Caniformia 3. Feliformia 4. Ciconiiformes A: Feliformia Q: In what year was the game quot;Eliminatorquot; released? 1. 1999 2. 2000 3. 2001 4. 1998 A: 1998 Q: What is the plane curve proposed by Descartes to challenge Fermat039;s extremumfinding techniques called? 1. Elliptic Paraboloid of Descartes 2. Descarte039;s Helicoid 3. Cartesian Coordinates 4. Folium of Descartes A: Folium of Descartes Q: Released in 2001, the first edition of Apple039;s Mac OS X operating system version 10.0 was given what animal code name? 1. Puma 2. Tiger 3. Cheetah 4. Leopard A: Cheetah Q: Which gaming series includes quot;The Diabolical Boxquot; and quot;The Curious
Page 3 Villagequot;? 1. Persona 2. Sam amp; Max 3. Etrian Odyssey 4. Professor Layton A: Professor Layton Q: Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave revolt in which country? 1. Cuba 2. Haiti 3. France 4. United States A: Haiti Q: In which classic novel by Mark Twain did a beggar and Prince of Wales switch clothes, and learn about social class inequality? 1. Hamlet 2. Wealthy Boy and the Schmuck 3. The Prince and the Pauper 4. A Modern Twain Story A: The Prince and the Pauper Q: What was the name of the first Bulgarian personal computer? 1. Pravetz 82 2. IMKO1 3. Pravetz 8D 4. IZOT 1030 A: IMKO1 Q: Which of these positions did the astronomer and physicist Isaac Newton not hold? 1. Surveyor to the City of London 2. Member of Parliament 3. Professor of Mathematics 4. Warden of the Royal Mint A: Surveyor to the City of London Q: What is Ron Weasley039;s middle name? 1. Bilius 2. Arthur 3. Dominic 4. John A: Bilius Q: When did Canada leave the confederation to become their own nation? 1. July 1st, 1763 2. July 1st, 1832 3. July 1st, 1902 4. July 1st, 1867 A: July 1st, 1867 Q: Winch of these names are not a character of JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventure? 1. JoJo Kikasu 2. Risotto Nero 3. George Joestar 4. JeanPierre Polnareff A: JoJo Kikasu
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