NERO: An 1 Which species of Brown Bear is not extinct? a. !Syrian Brown Bear b. California Grizzly Bear c. Mexican Grizzly Bear d. Atlas Bear 2 Which of the following chemicals are found in eggplant seeds? a. !Nicotine b. Cyanide c. Psilocybin d. Mescaline a. Emporio Ivankov b. Boa Hancock c. !Koala d. Nico Robin 4 In quot;Earthboundquot;, how does one enter quot;Master B a. !Wait 3 Minutes b. Enter the password quot;Fly Honeyquot; c. Enter the password quot;Master Belch Rulesquot; d. Enter the password quot;Mr Saturn Droolsquot; 5 In the book series quot;Odd Thomasquot;, Danny Jessup ha a. ! Osteogenesis Imperfecta b. Adrenoleukodystrophy c. Spinocerebellar ataxia d. Cystic Fibrosis a. Vectorkid b. Bitmap c. !Raster d. Peacehead 7 The Western Lowland Gorilla is scientifically know as? a. !Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla b. Gorilla Gorilla Diehli c. Gorilla Beringei Beringei d. Gorilla Beringei Graueri a. Rock b. Blue 3 In quot;One Piecequot;, who is the girl who overcame her enslaved past and became an agent of an army to fight the corrupt government? 6 What is the real name of quot;Warheadquot; in the Sega Genesis game quot;Vectormanquot;? 8 In the quot;Pikminquot; games, which of the following pikmin colors lacks it039;s own quot;Onionquot; nest?
c. Winged d. !Purple a. The Rock Brothers b. The Stone Brothers Page 1 c. !The Slag Brothers d. The Slate Brothers a. Catania Cathedral b. !St. Peter039;s Basilica c. St. Markrsquo;s Basilica d. The Duomo of Florence a. Polyethylene PE b. Polystyrene PS c. !Polyvinylchloride PVC d. Polypropylene PP a. Great Barrier Reef b. Hudson Bay c. Mariana Trench d. !Grand Banks 3 Who built the first laser? a. Edith Clarke b. Jack Kilby c. Nikola Tesla d. !Theodore Harold Maiman 4 What vulnerability ranked 1 on the OWASP Top 10 in 2013? a. Insecure Direct Object References b. !Injection c. Broken Authentication d. CrossSite Scripting 5 Billy Herrington is from which US state? a. Arizona b. !New York c. Georgia 9 In the 1968 Cartoon Show quot;Wacky Racesquot; what was the name of cavemen duo who rode in The Boulder Mobile? 10 Which church039;s interior in Vatican City was designed in 1503 by renaissance architects including Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini? 1 Which of the following plastic is commonly used for window frames, gutters and drain pipes? 2 What is the name of the formerly rich fishing grounds off the island of Newfoundland, Canada?
d. California a. Rumia b. Kaguya Houraisan c. !Tewi Inaba d. Mystia Lorelei 7 Which of these cities does NOT have a United States Minting loc a. Philidelphia, PA b. West Point, NY c. San Fransisco, CA d. !St. Louis, MO 8 What is ldquo;The Sport of Kingsrdquo;? a. !Horse Racing b. Chess Page 2 c. Jousting d. Fencing 9 What year did Dire Straits039;s Song quot;Money for Nothingqu a. 1991 b. 1973 c. !1985 d. 1980 10 The AHL affiliate team of the Boston Bruins is named what? a. New Haven Bruins b. Cambridge Bruins c. !Providence Bruins d. Hartford Bruins 1 Who was the original drummer for The Beatles? a. !Tommy Moore b. Pete Best c. Stuart Sutcliffe d. Ringo Starr a. 1 b. 10 c. !9 d. 6 6 What Touhou Project character039;s first ever appearance was as a midboss in the eighth game, Imperishable Night? 2 How many rooms are there, not including the hallways and the set of stairs, in the board game quot;Cluequot;? 3 In the webcomic quot;Ava039;s Demonquot;, what sin is quot;Nevy Nervinequot; based off of?
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