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Page 1 ARCH: Powerpoint 1 In the film quot;Interstellarquot;, how long did they spend on Miller039;s planet? a. 26 years, 4 months, and 10 days b. 15 years, 2 months, and 15 days c. !23 years, 4 months, and 8 days d. 10 months and 6 days 2 What was the first movie to ever use a Wilhelm Scream? a. Indiana Jones b. !Distant Drums c. The Charge at Feather River d. Treasure of the Sierra Madre 3 How many playable characters are there in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U? a. !58 b. 55 c. 51 d. 48 4 The creeper in Minecraft was the result of a bug while implementing which creature? a. Chicken b. Cow c. !Pig d. Zombie 5 In quot;Hunter x Hunterquot;, which of the following is NOT a type of Nen aura? a. !Restoration b. Specialization c. Transmutation d. Emission 6 In quot;Gravity Fallsquot;, the character Bill Cipher remarks that quot;the universe is what?quot; a. !A hologram b. A simulation c. Corrupting d. An illusion 7 In quot;Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuitquot;, what is the name of the fictional car? a. !El Nintilde;o b. La Nintilde;a c. Aacute;gil d. Raacute;pido 8 In the 1968 Cartoon Show quot;Wacky Racesquot; what was the name of cavemen duo who rode in The Boulder Mobile? a. The Slate Brothers b. !The Slag Brothers c. The Rock Brothers d. The Stone Brothers 9 Which of the following is a major muscle of the back? a. Trapezoid b. Trapezium c. !Trapezius
Page 2 d. Triquetrum 10 Which member of the WuTang Clan had only one verse in their debut album Enter the WuTang 36 Chambers? a. Method Man b. GZA c. !Masta Killa d. Inspectah Deck 1 In the Batman comics, by what other name is the villain Dr. Jonathan Crane known? a. Bane b. !Scarecrow c. Clayface d. Calendar Man 2 What town was quot;Springfieldquot; from quot;The Simpsonsquot; originally named after? a. !Springfield, Oregon b. Springfield, Illinois c. Springfield, Massachusetts d. Springfield, Missouri 3 In the game quot;The Simsquot;, how many Simoleons does each family start with? a. 15,000 b. 25,000 c. !20,000 d. 10,000 4 The theme for the popular science fiction series quot;Doctor Whoquot; was composed by who? a. Peter Howell b. Delia Derbyshire c. !Ron Grainer d. Murray Gold 5 In Greek Mythology, who was the daughter of King Minos? a. Athena b. Alana c. Ariel d. !Ariadne 6 In quot;Rick and Mortyquot;, from which dimension do Rick and Morty originate from? a. C136 b. C500a c. !C137 d. J1977 7 Virtual reality company Oculus VR lost which of it039;s cofounders in a freak car accident in 2013? a. Jack McCauley b. Palmer Luckey c. Nate Mitchell d. !Andrew Scott Reisse 8 In quot;Team Fortress 2quot;, what is the fastest taunt kill that can be pulled off? a. Hadouken b. Organ Grinder c. !Showdown
Page 3 d. Skewer 9 When was Pokemon GO released in North America? a. January 2nd, 2017 b. !July 6th, 2016 c. May 24th, 2016 d. June 5th, 2016 10 What is the largest freshwater lake by volume? a. Lake Michigan b. !Lake Baikal c. Lake Huron d. Lake Superior 1 In the webcomic Homestuck, what is the name of the game the 4 kids play? a. Homesick b. !Sburb c. Hiveswap d. Husslie 2 What is the Finnish word for quot;Finlandquot;? a. !Suomi b. Magyarorszaacute;g c. Eesti d. Sverige 3 How many calories are in a 355 ml can of Pepsi Cola? a. !150 b. 100 c. 155 d. 200 4 During development of quot;Super Mario Worldquot;, Yoshi039;s hard saddle was originally which of these? a. A slide of Gelatin b. A spike c. !A shell d. A poffin 5 What was the code name for the Allied invasion of Southern France on August 15th, 1944? a. Operation Market Garden b. Operation Torch c. Operation Overlord d. !Operation Dragoon 6 In Magic: The Gathering, what was a tribute card to Jamie Wakefield039;s late wife Marilyn, who loved horses? a. Loyal Pegasus b. !Timbermare c. Sungrace Pegasus d. Vryn Wingmare 7 In the Magic: The Gathering universe, which plane does the Homelands expansion take place in? a. Llanowar b. Tazeem c. Bant
Page 4 d. !Ulgrotha 8 What was Humphrey Bogart039;s middle name? a. !DeForest b. Steven c. DeWinter d. Bryce 9 Which of the following is used to measure blood pressure? a. Ruler b. Haemoerythrometer c. Barometer d. !Sphygmomanometer 10 Who is the horror manga artist who made Uzumaki? a. Sui Ishida b. Kazuo Umezu c. Shintaro Kago d. !Junji Ito
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