1. Which of these TrackMania environments was NOT in the original game? a. Rally b. Snow c. !Bay d. Desert 2. What is the title of song on the main menu in Halo? a. !Halo b. Shadows c. Suite Autumn d. Opening Suite 3. Who is the leader of Team Valor in Pokeacute;mon Go? a. !Candela b. Willow c. Spark d. Blanche 4. Who is the leader of Team Mystic in Pokeacute;mon Go? a. !Blanche b. Willow c. Candela d. Spark 5. What is the name of the 4armed Chaos Witch from the 2016 video game quot;Battlebornquot;? a. !Orendi b. Oranda c. Orendoo d. Randy 6. How many aces can be shot down through the entirety of quot;Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan Warquot;? a. !169 b. 245 c. 100 d. 132 7. In quot;Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIquot; Zombies, what does completing all the main easter eggs reward you with? a. Juggernog at the start of each game b. 50 Liquid Diviniums c. !1,000,000 XP d. All three options. 8. How many games are there in the quot;Colony Warsquot; series for the PlayStation? a. 5 b. 4 c. !3 d. 2
9. In CounterStrike: Global Offensive, what039;s the rarity of discontinued skins called? a. !Contraband b. Discontinued c. Limited d. Diminshed 10. Which of these champions from the MOBA 039;League of Legends039; is NOT a Yordle? a. Lulu b. Tristana c. Veigar d. !Annie 11. What war is Call Of Duty: Black Ops based on? a. !Cold War b. WW3 c. WW1 d. Vietnam 12. In the PAYDAY series, who betrayed the PAYDAY gang that got Hoxton arrested? a. !Hector b. The Dentist c. Vlad d. The Elephant 1. Which team won the 201516 English Premier League? a. Manchester United b. Cheslea c. Liverpool d. !Leicester City 2. The F1 season of 1994 is remembered for what tragic event? a. Verstappen on Fire Germany b. The Showdown Australia c. !Death of Ayrton Senna San Marino d. Schumacher039;s Ban Britain 3. In Formula 1, the Virtual Safety Car was introduced following the fatal crash of which driver? a. Ayrton Senna b. !Jules Bianchi c. Gilles Villeneuve d. Ronald Ratzenberger 4. What year did the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl? a. 2011 b. !2010 c. 2009
d. 2008 5. Which of the following pitchers was named National League Rookie of the Year for the 2013 season? a. Shelby Miller b. Jacob deGrom c. Matt Harvey d. !Jose Fernandez 6. Which professional wrestler fell from the rafters to his death during a live PayPerView event in 1999? a. Lex Luger b. Chris Benoit c. Al Snow d. !Owen Hart 7. Which year did Jenson Button won his first ever Formula One World Drivers039; Championship? a. 2007 b. 2010 c. 2006 d. !2009 8. Who won the 2017 Formula One World Drivers039; Championship? a. Sebastian Vettel b. !Lewis Hamilton c. Nico Rosberg d. Max Verstappen 9. Who won the UEFA Champions League in 2016? a. FC Bayern Munich b. Atletico Madrid c. Manchester City F.C. d. !Real Madrid C.F. 10. Which country did Kabaddi, a contact sport involving tackling, originate from? a. Cambodia b. Australia c. Turkey d. !India 1. Which quot;Toy Storyquot; character was voiced by Don Rickles? a. !Mr. Potato Head b. Hamm c. Slinky Dog d. Rex 2. Which of these is not a real character in the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
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