SOCI: Cha a. a. Amharic Fox b. Ethiopian Coyote c. !Simien Jackel d. Canis Simiensis Question 2: What is the largest city and commercial capital of Sri a. a. Moratuwa b. !Colombo c. Negombo d. Kandy a. a. !Goodbye Yellow Brick Road b. Bennie and the Jets c. Rocket Man d. Crocodile Rock Question 4: What is the main theme song of quot;Sonic Adventur a. a. Can You Feel the Sunshine? b. His World c. Open Your Heart d. !Live and Learn Question 5: What is isobutylphenylpropanoic acid more common a. a. !Ibuprofen b. Morphine c. Ketamine d. Aspirin a. a. 90 Degree b. 30 Degree c. 45 Degree d. !15 Degree a. a. Johnny Joestar b. Josuke Higashikata c. !Giorno Giovanna d. Jolyne Cujoh a. a. Rathalos Question 1: What was the name of the Ethiopian Wolf before they knew it was related to wolves? Question 3: Which Elton John hit starts with the line quot;When are you gonna come downquot;? Question 6: Volkswagen039;s legendary VR6 engine has cylinders positioned at what degree angle? Question 7: Which person from quot;JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventurequot; does NOT house a reference to a band, artist, or song earlier than 1980? Question 8: Which monster in quot;Monster Hunter Triquot; was causing earthquakes in Moga Village?
b. Alatreon c. Lagiacrus d. !Ceadeus a. a. Tapu Village Page 1 b. !Po Town c. Heahea City d. Iki Town a. a. !1729 b. 91 c. 4104 d. 561 Question 1: What is isobutylphenylpropanoic acid more common a. a. Aspirin b. !Ibuprofen c. Morphine d. Ketamine Question 2: Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world? a. a. Lake Huron b. Lake Michigan c. !Lake Superior d. Caspian Sea Question 3: In Les Miseacute;rables, who is Prison Code 24601? a. a. !Jean Valjean b. Javert c. Marius Pontmercy d. Jean Claude Van Damme a. a. Go back under British Rule b. !Genuine universal suffrage c. Lower taxes d. Gaining Independence a. a. !Java b. HTML 5 c. C++ Question 9: In quot;Pokeacute;mon Sun and Moonquot;, Team Skull took over which town? Question 10: What is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of two positive cubes in two different ways? Question 4: What was the aim of the quot;Umbrella Revolutionquot; in Hong Kong in 2014? Question 5: What programming language was used to create the game quot;Minecraftquot;?
d. Python a. a. LeningradNovgorod Offensive b. Crimean Offensive c. !VistulaOder Offensive d. Operation Bagration a. a. Tom Cruise b. !Brendon Urie c. Ed Sheeren d. Dallon Weekes Question 8: Which actors made up the trio in quot;The Goo a. a. !Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, and Lee Van Cleef Page 2 b. Aldo Giuffregrave;, Mario Brega, and Luigi Pistilli c. Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, and Tonino Delli Colli d. Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson a. a. Magic Clash b. Magic c. !Mana Clash d. Mana Duels Question 10: Which English king was married to Eleanor of Aquitai a. a. Henry V b. !Henry II c. Henry I d. Richard I a. a. Billy Joel b. !Elton John c. John Denver d. Joe Cocker Question 2: Who was not in the band quot;The Smithsquot;? a. a. Andy Rourke b. Morrissey c. Mike Joyce d. !Martin Chambers Question 3: Sciophobia is the fear of what? Question 6: Which of the following was not one of Joseph Stalin039;s ten blows during World War II? Question 7: Who played quot;Charlie Pricequot; in the musical quot;Kinky Bootsquot; on Broadway in New York from May 26th Aug 6th 2017? Question 9: When Magic: The Gathering was first solicited, which of the following was it originally titled? Question 1: Who recorded the 1975 album 039;Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy039;?
a. a. !Shadows b. Transportation c. Eating d. Bright lights a. a. ActiveWorlds b. IMVU c. HabboHotel d. !SecondLife Question 5: What is the area of Vatican City? a. a. 0.10km2 b. !0.44km2 c. 12.00km2 d. 0.86km2 a. a. !1 Month b. 1 Week c. 2 Months d. 3 Weeks Question 7: How many total monsters appear in Monster Hunter a. a. !105 b. 100 Page 3 c. 98 d. 73 a. a. Stencyl b. !Game Maker c. Torque 2D d. Construct a. a. Tazeem b. !Ulgrotha c. Llanowar d. Bant Question 10: What are the Three Virtues of Bionicle? a. a. Work, Play, Live b. !Unity, Duty, Destiny Question 4: Which of these online games was originally named LindenWorld in it039;s early development? Question 6: How long did it take the motorized window washers of the original World Trade Center to clean the entire exterior of the building? Question 8: Dutch computer scientist Mark Overmars is known for creating which game development engine? Question 9: In the Magic: The Gathering universe, which plane does the Homelands expansion take place in?
c. Forge, Build, Fight d. Build, Play, Change Page 4
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