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Page 1 ARCH: Powerpoint Question 1: Which horizon in a soil profile consists of bedrock? a. a. O b. !R c. D d. B Question 2: Which musician has collaborated with American producer Porter Robinson and released the 2016 song quot;Shelterquot;? a. a. Mat Zo b. deadmau5 c. !Madeon d. Zedd Question 3: In 2012, which movie won every category in the 32nd quot;Golden Raspberry Awardsquot;? a. a. !Jack and Jill b. The King039;s Speech c. Thor d. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Question 4: In quot;It039;s Always Sunny in Philadelphiaquot; what was the name of Frank039;s wrestling persona? a. a. Day Man b. The Maniac c. !The Trash Man d. Bird of War Question 5: Which was the first Mrated video game developed by SquaresoftSquare Enix? a. a. Front Mission b. !Parasite Eve c. Vagrant Story d. Final Fantasy VIII Question 6: The Hunua Ranges is located in... a. a. China b. !New Zealand c. Mexico d. Nepal Question 7: Which album was released by Kanye West in 2013? a. a. !Yeezus b. Watch the Throne c. The Life of Pablo d. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Question 8: In quot;Star Trekquot;, who was the founder of the Klingon Empire and its philosophy? a. a. Molor the Unforgiving b. !Kahless the Unforgettable c. Lady Lukara of the Great Hall d. Dahar Master Kor Question 9: What did the abbreviation quot;RMSquot; stand for in the RMS Titanic in 1912? a. a. Regulated Maelstrom Sensor b. Regular Maritime Schedule
Page 2 c. Royal Majesty Service d. !Royal Mail Ship Question 10: Who is a minor god that is protector and creator of various arts, such as cheese making and bee keeping. a. a. !Aristaeus b. Carme c. Cephisso d. Autonoe Question 1: In the Gamecube Version of quot;Resident Evilquot; what text document is open on the monitor of the computer in the Visual Data Room? a. a. !A GDC Document b. Document on B.O.Ws c. Nothing d. Text Document on Herbs Question 2: In the Animal Crossing series, which flower is erroneously called the quot;Jacob039;s Ladderquot;? a. a. Hydrangea b. Yarrow c. Harebell d. !Lily of the Valley Question 3: What is the fastest speed possible in Trackmaniasup2;: Stadium? a. a. !1000 kmh b. 320 kmh c. 500 kmh d. 100 kmh Question 4: Which of the following is the standard THX subwoofer crossover frequency? a. a. 100 Hz b. !80 Hz c. 70 Hz d. 90 Hz Question 5: What is the real hair colour of the mainstream comic book version Earth616 of Daredevil? a. a. Black b. Brown c. Auburn d. !Blonde Question 6: Which of these is not a key value of Agile software development? a. a. !Comprehensive documentation b. Individuals and interactions c. Responding to change d. Customer collaboration Question 7: What year was Min Yoongi from South Korea boy band quot;BTSquot; born in? a. a. 1994 b. 1995 c. 1992 d. !1993 Question 8: What was the aim of the quot;Umbrella Revolutionquot; in Hong Kong in 2014? a. a. Gaining Independence
Page 3 b. !Genuine universal suffrage c. Go back under British Rule d. Lower taxes Question 9: In quot;Gravity Fallsquot;, what does Quentin Trembley do when he is driven out from the White House? a. a. !Eat a salamander and jump out the window. b. Leave in peace. c. Jump out the window. d. Release 1,000 captive salamanders into the white house. Question 10: What causes the sound of a heartbeat? a. a. !Closure of the heart valves b. Relaxation of the heart chambers c. Blood exiting the heart d. Contraction of the heart chambers Question 1: Which band is the longest active band in the world with no breaks or lineup changes? a. a. !U2 b. Radiohead c. Rush d. Rolling Stones Question 2: The Hunua Ranges is located in... a. a. !New Zealand b. China c. Mexico d. Nepal Question 3: What was the name of the German offensive operation in October 1941 to take Moscow before winter? a. a. Operation Sunflower b. Case Blue c. Operation Barbarossa d. !Operation Typhoon Question 4: Who played quot;Charlie Pricequot; in the musical quot;Kinky Bootsquot; on Broadway in New York from May 26th Aug 6th 2017? a. a. Tom Cruise b. !Brendon Urie c. Dallon Weekes d. Ed Sheeren Question 5: In the Magic: The Gathering universe, which plane does the Homelands expansion take place in? a. a. Bant b. !Ulgrotha c. Llanowar d. Tazeem Question 6: What is the first track on the Dave Matthews Band album quot;Before These Crowded Streetsquot;? a. a. Don039;t Drink The Water b. !Pantala Naga Pampa c. Stay Wasting Time d. Rapunzel Question 7: Which church039;s interior in Vatican City was designed in 1503 by
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