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L Grades for Lashawnda Scandr: X ALEKS - Lashawnda Scandret! X + v Espaiiol 0 QUESTION Find an ordered pair (x, y) that is a solution to the equation. x—2y=8 [ @ EXPLANATION > ELENIGIVITEES] There are infinitely many ordered pairs (x , y) that are solutions to x —2y=8§. O To find one, we can choose a value for one of the variables and solve for the other variable. For example, in our problem, we'll lety=04 Om Then we'll solve for x. x-2(0) =8 =) x=8 So, when y=0, we have x=8. In other words, the pair (x, y) =(8, 0) is a solution to the equation x—2y=8. @ ANSWER One possible answer is (x, y)=(8, 0). Q Other possible answers 2023 McGraw Hill LLC. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy Center | Accessibility
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