Study Plan & CalendarWeek 2 done

Address the following for this assignment: Part 1: Study Schedule Fill out the following table to set up a study schedule and answer the reflection questions. Course Credit Hours Hours of Class/Study Time (credit hours x 3) When you plan on Studying Misc. Example: College Math 4 credit hours 4 x 3 = 12 study hours MWF 6 - 9 pm & Sat 6 - 9 am Math Exam during Week 3 so more time needs to be spent preparing. Anatomy & Physiological 4 5 hours M-T 7 am- 12pm Culture &Diversity 4 6 hours W-TH 7am-1 Galen pathway to success 2 2 hour's F-S 6pm-8pm A&P lab 1 5 hours T 10am-3 Reflection: 1.) Is there anything that surprises or concerns you about setting up this study schedule? After setting up your study schedule, rate your level of anxiety: 1 - 10, where 1 is 'no anxiety, and I feel good about this schedule,' and 10 is 'I am so overwhelmed and panicky right now.' Explain There were no concerns about making the study table; it was easy since I already had this all planned out. My anxiety while making this was about a 1, and I feel good about my study schedule. 2.) What resources are available to help you succeed at Galen? Hint: look in the Student Resource Center Canvas course. The library, student Success, canvas help, Nclex-RN prep material are some of the resources they have for students. Part 2: Due Dates in Outlook
Find important due dates (minimum of three) in Week 3 and put them into your Outlook calendar. After adding your due dates/important dates to your calendar, take a screenshot of your week and insert screenshot below. Go to video How to take a screenshot and insert it into Word in the Technology Tips Module in course to review how to do this. Calendar Screenshot of Week 3 With Due Dates:
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