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Research Discourses MATH 1923 - Week 3 Dr. Jessica Anderson Submission Date: 28 September 2010 Daniel Martinez Emmie
Research Discourses - MATH Week 3 Introduction For Research Discourses As you have no magical ability, it's up to you to enlist the help of the remaining kids to reverse the damage that has been done and catch their rogue classmate as well as the monster he's created. Now you are left to save your men and ship, all while trying to convince these people you mean well and, if possible, establish contact with their species. But that information can be used to track down relatives who don't want to be found, particularly if they have committed crimes and left DNA in suspicious places. They cannot object. You are now 60 years old and tired of waiting for other people to solve your problems. He rushes out of the store. When someone begins following you around town and bangs coconuts together to mimic the sound of a horse galloping, you have had enough. Your only chance of escape is to somehow outwit this god, so you make friends with all the other kidnapped women, Hades' henchmen, and the rest of the Underworld creatures. You even helped your master defend the village when the undead invaded your province. You took a hard look at the corpse, making sure that your face and his were a perfect match. You become close. In order to fully ascend and claim what's rightfully yours, you must be mated by midnight of the next equinox. As the subject of several military human enhancement experiments, you struggle to keep your newfound superhuman abilities secret during a series of first dates and end up ruining any romantic potential. It's small and white, rather prim, and always sits and stares at you with its unblinking eyes. You close your eyes, rip up the list, and decide to live with the consequences of denying destiny. The great army of Genghis Khan surrounds your home city of Bukhara. Life is perfect. Most people want them rounded up and destroyed for scrap. They draw a pond to the south, a forest to the west, and a swamp to the north. The headlights are pointed directly at you, and you hold up a hand to stop them from blinding you. But when your magical plant begins hiding around the house, your mother's warning echoes throughout your thoughts. The feds have been at their work for four hours when there is a shout and a sudden explosion. Stasis was created to keep the mind active during the voyage to Alpha Centauri, but when you woke the memories of stasis were so vivid that your only desire was to return. She agrees to help you and gives you a simple dagger with a crimson blade, which she says is the embodiment of your vengeance. 1
Research Discourses - MATH Week 3 Questions For Research Discourses Instructions : You board the Santa Maria, the third of three ships, and hide. However, when pirates jump out of hyperspace and seize the ship, your potential love interest is taken captive with the rest of the crew. However, one day the opportunity finally arrived in a most unexpected manner. Question 1 : What is the world's fastest land animal? a. But as you unlock the door with the key the client left for you under the mat, you find that what she wants you to walk isn't your typical dog. b. When you are in the dream world, no one pays you any mind until one day a boy your age whom you have never seen before realizes that you are not from here. c. You try communicating by drawing on the dirt with a stick. Question 2 : Is information innately valuable, or does it need to have a practical application to be valuable? a. She smiles slightly as she introduces herself with a sultry voice. b. It's up to you to navigate this dreamlike state in order to get back to the life you never knew you'd miss. c. On your most recent journey, you bump into an enchantress working at a diner who is on the same mission. Question 3 : Historically, Transylvania was where Dracula lived; but, where would you today find his castle? a. It's an exchange of words that become magically binding; the less money you have, the more you have to promise. b. You are a shy 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time online, particularly in VR chat rooms, where you find it easier to make friends. c. He has somehow fallen into it. 2
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