Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: Which of the following Ivy League universities has its official motto in Hebrew as well as in Latin?? a. Princeton University b. Columbia University c. !Yale University d. Harvard University Q2: What is the romanized Japanese word for "university"?? a. !Daigaku b. Toshokan c. Shokudou d. Jimusho Q3: What is the romanized Russian word for "winter"?? a. Leto b. !Zima c. Vesna d. Osen' Q4: On average, Americans consume 100 pounds of what per second?? a. Cocaine b. Donuts c. !Chocolate d. Potatoes Q5: When was Hubba Bubba first introduced?? a. 1972 b. 1984 c. 1980 d. !1979 Q6: What was the soft drink Pepsi originally introduced as?? a. Carolina Cola b. Pepsin Pop c. !Brad's Drink d. Pepsin Syrup Q7: What is real haggis made of?? a. Whole Sheep b. !Sheep's Heart, Liver and Lungs
c. Sheep's Heart, Kidneys and Lungs d. Sheep's Liver, Kidneys and Eyes Q8: A statue of Charles Darwin sits in what London museum?? a. !Natural History Museum b. British Museum c. Tate d. Science Museum Q9: Linus Pauling, one of the only winners of multiple Nobel Prizes, earned his Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and a. Physiology/Medicine b. Physics c. !Peace d. Economics Q10: Which logical fallacy means to attack the character of your opponent rather than their arguments?? a. Post hoc ergo propter hoc b. Argumentum ad populum c. Tu quoque d. !Ad hominem
d what??
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