How antrophology influenced (4)

Page 1 ANT: Sheet Question 1: Which of these countries is NOT a part of the Asian continent? a. a. !Suriname b. Georgia c. Russia d. Singapore Question 2: What is the molecular formula of Glucose? a. a. CH4 b. K+ c. C2H4O2 d. !C6H12O6 Question 3: What was the name of the planet in quot;Aliensquot;? a. a. DI621 b. Weyland Yutani Corporation Base c. !LV426 d. FR838 Question 4: How much horsepower is produced by the SD402 Locomotive? a. a. 3,200 b. !3,000 c. 2,578 d. 2,190 Question 5: Which person from quot;JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventurequot; does NOT house a reference to a band, artist, or song earlier than 1980? a. a. Johnny Joestar b. !Giorno Giovanna c. Jolyne Cujoh d. Josuke Higashikata Question 6: Which Audi does not use Haldex based all wheel drive system? a. a. Audi A3 b. Audi TT c. Audi S3 d. !Audi A8 Question 7: In what year did Clint Eastwood star as Inspector Harry Callahan in the film quot;Dirty Harryquot;? a. a. 1969 b. 1983 c. !1971 d. 1975 Question 8: Which of these cities has a 4deg; East longitude. a. a. Rio de Janero b. !Amsterdam c. Toronto d. Hong Kong Question 9: Where is the Gluteus Maximus muscle located? a. a. Head b. Arm c. Torso d. !Butt
Page 2 Question 10: Which of these is NOT a real tectonic plate? a. a. North American Plate b. Eurasian Plate c. Nazca Plate d. !Atlantic Plate Question 1: When did the French Revolution begin? a. a. 1756 b. !1789 c. 1823 d. 1799 Question 2: Which of these is NOT a song featured on the Lockjaw EP released in 2013 by Flume amp; Chet Faker? a. a. This Song Is Not About A Girl b. !Left Alone c. What About Us d. Drop The Game Question 3: In the Fallout series, on which date did The Great War happen? a. a. !October 23rd, 2077 b. November 5th, 2076 c. May 15th, 2058 d. December 14th, 2069 Question 4: quot;All the Boysquot; by Panic! At the Disco was released as a bonus track on what album? a. a. !Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! b. Vices amp; Virtues c. A Fever You Can039;t Sweat Out d. Death Of A Bachelor Question 5: Who wrote the song quot;You Know You Like Itquot;? a. a. !AlunaGeorge b. Major Lazer c. DJ Snake d. Steve Aoki Question 6: Who built the first laser? a. a. Edith Clarke b. Jack Kilby c. !Theodore Harold Maiman d. Nikola Tesla Question 7: In the original DOOM 1993 which of the following is NOT a cheat code? a. a. IDDQD b. !IDCLIP c. IDSPISPOPD d. IDFA Question 8: Which of these animals belongs in class Chondrichthyes? a. a. Killer whale b. !Great white shark c. Catfish d. Octopus Question 9: Which of the following mathematicians made major contributions to game theory?
Page 3 a. a. Stefan Banach b. !John Von Neumann c. Carl Friedrich Gauss d. Leonhard Euler Question 10: After the 1516 Battle of Marj Dabiq, the Ottoman Empire took control of Jerusalem from which sultanate? a. a. Seljuq b. !Mamluk c. Ummayyad d. Ayyubid Question 1: What is the derivative of Acceleration with respect to time? a. a. Shift b. !Jerk c. Slide d. Bump Question 2: Which of these online games was originally named LindenWorld in it039;s early development? a. a. ActiveWorlds b. HabboHotel c. IMVU d. !SecondLife Question 3: What is the name of the main character in the video game VA11 HALLA: Cyberpunk Bartender Action? a. a. Anna b. Dana c. Alma d. !Jill Question 4: Which of these songs is NOT included in the Suicide Squad OST? a. a. Heathens Twenty One Pilots b. Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival c. Without Me Eminem d. !Skies on Fire ACDC Question 5: In Star Trek, what is the name of Spock039;s father? a. a. Tuvok b. T039;Pal c. Surak d. !Sarek Question 6: In quot;Star Trek Nemesisquot;, why was Praetor Shinzon created? a. a. To become Picard039;s friend b. To destroy the Enterprise c. To steal the Enterprise d. !To replace Picard as a Romulan Agent Question 7: In the quot;Call Of Duty: Zombiesquot; map quot;Originsquot;, where is quot;StaminUpquot; located? a. a. Generator 3 b. Excavation Site c. Generator 4 d. !Generator 5 Question 8: What is the scientific name for the extinct hominin known as quot;Lucyquot;? a. a. Australopithecus Africanus
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