Math and education problem (34)

Page 1 MATH: Quiz 1 How many people can you recruit in the game Suikoden in a single playthrough? a. 108 b. 96 c. !107 d. 93 2 In quot;Sonic the Hedgehog 2quot; for the Sega Genesis, what do you input in the sound test screen to access the secret level select? a. !The Lead Programmer039;s birthday b. The first release date of quot;Sonic the Hedgehog 2quot; c. The date Sonic Team was founded d. The first release date of quot;Sonic the Hedgehogquot; 3 In which year did the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack occur? a. 2001 b. !1995 c. 1991 d. 2011 4 Which of these is a stop codon in DNA? a. ACT b. GTA c. !TAA d. ACA 5 What animal is on Link039;s pajamas in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? a. Swordfish b. !Crawfish c. Salmon d. Lobster 6 Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave revolt in which country? a. France b. United States c. Cuba d. !Haiti 7 Into which basin does the Jordan River flow into? a. Aral Sea b. !Dead Sea c. Caspian Sea d. Salton Sea 8 Which of these is NOT a real tectonic plate? a. !Atlantic Plate b. Eurasian Plate c. North American Plate d. Nazca Plate 9 Which of the following is considered classical conditioning? a. Schrouml;dinger039;s cat experiment b. Skinner box experiment c. Harlowrsquo;s monkey experiments d. !Pavlov039;s dog experiments
Page 2 10 Which is the hull NO. of the Fletcher class destroyer Fletcher? a. DD444 b. !DD445 c. DD446 d. DD992 1 What is the fastest speed possible in Trackmaniasup2;: Stadium? a. !1000 kmh b. 500 kmh c. 100 kmh d. 320 kmh 2 What scientific family does the Aardwolf belong to? a. Canidae b. Felidae c. !Hyaenidae d. Eupleridae 3 How many countries border Kyrgyzstan? a. 1 b. !4 c. 6 d. 3 4 Which of these anime have over 7,500 episodes? a. One Piece b. !Sazaesan c. Naruto d. Chibi Marukochan 5 In quot;Earthboundquot;, how does one enter quot;Master Belch039;squot; factory? a. !Wait 3 Minutes b. Enter the password quot;Fly Honeyquot; c. Enter the password quot;Master Belch Rulesquot; d. Enter the password quot;Mr Saturn Droolsquot; 6 When was the Valve Corporation founded? a. December 26, 1994 b. March 22, 1997 c. March 13, 1997 d. !August 24, 1996 7 Named after the mallow flower, mauve is a shade of what? a. Brown b. Pink c. Red d. !Purple 8 Who was the longestserving senator in US history, serving from 1959 to 2010? a. Joe Biden b. Strom Thurmond c. !Robert Byrd d. Daniel Inouye 9 Which King of England was faced with the Peasants039; Revolt in 1381? a. !Richard II b. Edward III
Page 3 c. Henry IV d. Edward II 10 The creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board ESRB is often associated with Mortal Kombat and what FMV video game? a. !Night Trap b. Corpse Killer c. Sewer Shark d. The Daedalus Encounter 1 In the 1976 film 039;Taxi Driver039;, how many guns did Travis buy from the salesman? a. 6 b. 2 c. 1 d. !4 2 What was the last Aphex Twin album released before his decadelong hiatus? a. Windowlicker b. !Drukqs c. Collected Ambient Works 8592 d. Syro 3 What is the name of one of the NeoAramaic languages spoken by the Jewish population from Northwestern Iraq? a. Hulaulaacute; b. !Lishana Deni c. Lishan Didan d. Chaldean NeoAramaic 4 Who was not in the band quot;The Smithsquot;? a. Morrissey b. !Martin Chambers c. Mike Joyce d. Andy Rourke 5 In the Panic! At the Disco039;s song quot;Nothern Downpourquot;, which lyric follows 039;I know the world039;s a broken bone039;. a. !quot;So melt your headaches call it homequot; b. quot;So sing your song until you039;re homequot; c. quot;So let them know they039;re on their ownquot; d. quot;So start a fire in their cold stonequot; 6 How much radiation does a banana emit? a. 0.5 Microsievert b. 0.7 Microsievert c. !0.1 Microsievert d. 0.3 Microsievert 7 What is the unit of electrical inductance? a. !Henry b. Coulomb c. Weber d. Mho 8 In which manga did the quot;404 Girlquot; from 4chan originate from? a. Lucky Star b. Azumanga Daioh c. !Yotsubaamp;!
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