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Page 1 JOUR: Answer 1 Why was the character Trevor Philips discharged from the Air Force? a. Danger to Others b. Disease c. Injuries d. !Mental Health Issues 2 Winch of these names are not a character of JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventure? a. George Joestar b. Risotto Nero c. !JoJo Kikasu d. JeanPierre Polnareff 3 Which of these does Charlie NOT read in The Perks of Being a Wallflower? a. The Great Gatsby b. !The Grapes of Wrath c. Peter Pan d. Hamlet 4 What was the first movie to ever use a Wilhelm Scream? a. Treasure of the Sierra Madre b. The Charge at Feather River c. !Distant Drums d. Indiana Jones 5 Which female player won the gold medal of table tennis singles in 2016 Olympics Games? a. Ai FUKUHARA Japan b. Song KIM North Korea c. !DING Ning China d. LI Xiaoxia China 6 De Eemhof, Port Zelande and Het Heijderbos are holiday villas owned by what company? a. Villa Plus b. !Center Parcs c. Yelloh Village d. Keycamp 7 In quot;Gravity Fallsquot;, what does Quentin Trembley do when he is driven out from the White House? a. !Eat a salamander and jump out the window. b. Jump out the window. c. Release 1,000 captive salamanders into the white house. d. Leave in peace. 8 When Magic: The Gathering was first solicited, which of the following was it originally titled? a. Mana Duels b. Magic c. !Mana Clash d. Magic Clash 9 The word quot;aprosexiaquot; means which of the following? a. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off b. The inability to stand up
Page 2 c. !The inability to concentrate on anything d. The inability to make decisions 10 How many types of quarks are there in the standard model of physics? a. 2 b. !6 c. 3 d. 4 1 What is the name of the virus that infected New York in Tom Clancy039;s The Division? a. Red Poison b. Ebola c. Smallpox d. !Dollar Flu 2 How many copies of the notorious E.T. game for the Atari 2600 did Atari end up selling? a. 250 Thousand b. !1.5 Million c. 1 Million d. Less than 250 Thousand 3 Which of the following is an existing family in quot;The Simsquot;? a. The Family b. The Simoleon Family c. The Proud Family d. !The Goth Family 4 What animal is on Link039;s pajamas in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? a. Swordfish b. Salmon c. !Crawfish d. Lobster 5 What engine is in the Lexus SC400? a. !1UZFE b. 5MGE c. 2JZGTE d. 7MGTE 6 Which car did not appear in the 2002 Lego Game: Drome Racers? a. !Wasp b. Raptor c. Hornet d. Behemoth 7 In the quot;Devil May Cryquot; franchise, which game is chronologically first? a. Devil May Cry 2 b. Devil May Cry c. !Devil May Cry 3: Dante039;s Awakening d. Devil May Cry 4 8 What was the last colony the UK ceded marking the end of the British Empire? a. Australia b. Ireland c. India d. !Hong Kong 9 What vault in the video game quot;Fallout 3quot; is the home of multiple clones named
Page 3 Gary? a. !Vault 108 b. Vault 101 c. Vault 21 d. Vault 87 10 The word quot;astasiaquot; means which of the following? a. The inability to make decisions b. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off c. !The inability to stand up d. The inability to concentrate on anything 1 Spain was formed in 1469 with the marriage of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of what other Iberian kingdom? a. Leoacute;n b. Galicia c. !Aragon d. Navarre 2 Which car is the first massproduced hybrid vehicle? a. Chevrolet Volt b. Honda Fit c. Peugeot 308 R HYbrid d. !Toyota Prius 3 What element on the periodic table has 92 electrons? a. Hydrogen b. !Uranium c. Sulfur d. Iron 4 quot;Yes, America Can!quot; was this United States politician039;s de facto campaign slogan in 2004. a. Barack Obama b. Al Gore c. !George W. Bush d. John Kerry 5 Which of these is not a key value of Agile software development? a. !Comprehensive documentation b. Customer collaboration c. Responding to change d. Individuals and interactions 6 What vault in the video game quot;Fallout 3quot; is the home of multiple clones named Gary? a. Vault 101 b. !Vault 108 c. Vault 21 d. Vault 87 7 What is the most commonly used noun in the English language? a. Man b. Home c. Water d. !Time 8 Which U.S. president was said to have been too honest to lie to his father about
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