Why life need philosophy (21)

Page 1 PHIL: Paper Question 1: On the Beaufort Scale of wind force, what wind name is given to number 8? a. a. Hurricane b. Storm c. !Gale d. Breeze Question 2: What year is on the flag of the US state Wisconsin? a. a. 1634 b. !1848 c. 1783 d. 1901 Question 3: This album, now considered to be one of the greatest of all time, was a commercial failure when it was released. a. a. !The Velvet Underground and Nico b. Led Zeppelin IV c. Abbey Road d. Pet Sounds Question 4: How many rooms are there, not including the hallways and the set of stairs, in the board game quot;Cluequot;? a. a. !9 b. 6 c. 10 d. 1 Question 5: Which of the following cellular device companies is NOT headquartered in Asia? a. a. LG Electronics b. HTC c. Samsung d. !Nokia Question 6: In quot;The Binding of Isaacquot;, which item instantly kills Mom and Mom039;s Heart? a. a. Brimstone b. The Halo c. !The Bible d. Book of Shadows Question 7: In the quot;PAYDAYquot; series, what is the real name of the character known as quot;Dallasquot;? a. a. !Nathan Steele b. Nolan Stuhlinger c. Nick Stamos d. Nate Siemens Question 8: Which King of England was faced with the Peasants039; Revolt in 1381? a. a. Edward III b. Edward II c. Henry IV d. !Richard II Question 9: What major programming language does Unreal Engine 4 use? a. a. !C++ b. ECMAScript
Page 2 c. C d. Assembly Question 10: Bir Tawil, an uninhabited track of land claimed by no country, is located along the border of which two countries? a. a. Chad and Libya b. Israel and Jordan c. !Egypt and Sudan d. Iraq and Saudi Arabia Question 1: An organic compound is considered an alcohol if it has what functional group? a. a. Carbonyl b. !Hydroxyl c. Aldehyde d. Alkyl Question 2: How many members are there in the idol group quot;micro;039;squot;? a. a. 3 b. !9 c. 6 d. 48 Question 3: Which one of these is scientific term for quot;Brain Freezequot;? a. a. Hyacinthoides Italica b. !Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia c. Amaranthus Retroflexus d. Amblyomma Americanum Question 4: What animal is on Link039;s pajamas in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? a. a. !Crawfish b. Salmon c. Swordfish d. Lobster Question 5: Who played the sun baby in the original run of Teletubbies? a. a. Sue Monroe b. !Jessica Smith c. Pui Fan Lee d. Lisa Brockwell Question 6: What is the full name of the footballer quot;Cristiano Ronaldoquot;? a. a. Cristiano Ronaldo los Santos Diego b. !Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro c. Cristiano Armando Diego Ronaldo d. Cristiano Luis Armando Ronaldo Question 7: What is the 4th boss in the 1997 video game quot;Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Backquot;? a. a. !Dr. N. Gin b. Komodo Brothers c. Tiny Tiger d. Dr. Neo Cortex Question 8: What was the name of Jonny039;s pet dog in The Adventures of Jonny Quest? a. a. Max b. Lucky c. !Bandit
Page 3 d. Rocky Question 9: Which English football team is nicknamed 039;The Tigers039;? a. a. Bristol City b. Manchester City c. Cardiff City d. !Hull City Question 10: In the Marvel Universe, the planet of Svartalfheim is home to what race? a. a. !Dark Elves b. Kronans c. Skrulls d. Frost Giants Question 1: In Kendrick Lamar039;s 2012 album, quot;Good Kid, M.A.A.D Cityquot;, the album039;s story takes place in which city? a. a. !Compton b. Detroit c. New York d. Baltimore Question 2: In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which of these paintings from Redd039;s Art Gallery is always genuine? a. a. Jolly Painting b. !Warm Painting c. Wistful Painting d. Neutral Painting Question 3: In TF2 Lore, what are the names of the Heavy039;s younger sisters? a. a. Anna and Bronislava b. Yanna and Gaba c. !Yana and Bronislava d. Gaba and Anna Question 4: How many aces can be shot down through the entirety of quot;Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan Warquot;? a. a. 100 b. 245 c. 132 d. !169 Question 5: The French mathematician Eacute;variste Galois is primarily known for his work in which? a. a. Galois039; Continued Fractions b. !Galois Theory c. Abelian Integration d. Galois039; Method for PDE039;s Question 6: Which of these is not an additional variation of the color purple? a. a. Byzantium b. Palatinate c. Pomp and Power d. !Kobicha Question 7: Which artist composed the original soundtrack for quot;Watch Dogs 2quot;? a. a. !Hudson Mohawke b. Machinedrum c. Rustie d. Flying Lotus
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