Why fashion so underrated (9)

Page 1 FASH: Example Question 1: Talos, the mythical giant bronze man, was the protector of which island? a. a. !Crete b. Cyprus c. Sardinia d. Sicily Question 2: When was the first quot;HalfLifequot; released? a. a. 1997 b. 1999 c. !1998 d. 2004 Question 3: What year was the Mona Lisa finished? a. a. 1487 b. 1511 c. !1504 d. 1523 Question 4: In the title of the game quot;Luigi039;s Mansionquot;, what is the only letter to not appear with a pair of eyes in it? a. a. n b. i c. m d. !s Question 5: Which of the following United States Presidents served the shortest term in office? a. a. !William Henry Harrison b. Warren G. Harding c. James A. Garfield d. Zachary Taylor Question 6: What was the first company to use the term quot;Golden Masterquot;? a. a. Google b. Microsoft c. IBM d. !Apple Question 7: Which lyric is about Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis? a. a. quot;And I liked the dimple in your chin Your pale blue eyesquot; b. quot;Fly away on, my zephyr I feel it more than everquot; c. quot;You used to be so warm and affectionate...but now you039;re quick to get into your regretquot; d. !quot;A rainy Lithuanian Is dancing as an Indianquot; Question 8: What is the scientific name for the extinct hominin known as quot;Lucyquot;? a. a. !Australopithecus Afarensis b. Australopithecus Africanus c. Australopithecus Architeuthis d. Australopithecus Antaris Question 9: What was the name of Sonic the Hedgehog039;s original human girlfriend? a. a. Sierra b. !Madonna c. Nina
Page 2 d. Celeste Question 10: What song originally performed by The Bee Gees in 1978 had a cover version by Steps 20 years later? a. a. !Tragedy b. Night Fever c. Stayin039; Alive d. You Should Be Dancing Question 1: Which naval battle was considered the turning point of the Pacific Ocean Theater during World War 2? a. a. !Battle of Midway b. Attack on Truk Island c. Battle of the Coral Sea d. Attack on Pearl Harbor Question 2: Which country is completely landlocked by South Africa? a. a. Swaziland b. Zimbabwe c. Botswana d. !Lesotho Question 3: Which one of these rulers did not belong to the Habsburg dynasty? a. a. Philip II b. Francis Joseph c. Charles V d. !Philip V Question 4: Which of the following languages does NOT use gender as a part of its grammar? a. a. !Turkish b. Danish c. Polish d. German Question 5: In quot;Final Fantasy VIquot;, what is the name of summoned Gilgamesh039;s weakest attack? a. a. Excalibore b. Excalisore c. Excalisnore d. !Excalipoor Question 6: What does the Latin phrase quot;Veni, vidi, viciquot; translate into English? a. a. !I came, I saw, I conquered b. Life, liberty, and happiness c. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil d. Past, present, and future Question 7: In quot;Call Of Duty: Zombiesquot;, which map039;s opening cutscene shows quot;Richtofenquot; killing another version of himself? a. a. Moon b. Der Eisendrache c. !The Giant d. Shadows Of Evil Question 8: In 1978, Superman teamed up with what celebrity, to defeat an alien invasion? a. a. Sylvester Stallone b. Arnold Schwarzenegger c. Mike Tyson
Page 3 d. !Muhammad Ali Question 9: Which boxer was famous for striking the gong in the introduction to J. Arthur Rank films? a. a. Terry Spinks b. Freddie Mills c. Don Cockell d. !Bombardier Billy Wells Question 10: GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 was planned to allow you to play as all previous Bond actors, with the exception of who? a. a. !George Lazenby b. Timothy Dalton c. Roger Moore d. Sean Connery Question 1: In the Gamecube Version of quot;Resident Evilquot; what text document is open on the monitor of the computer in the Visual Data Room? a. a. !A GDC Document b. Nothing c. Text Document on Herbs d. Document on B.O.Ws Question 2: In the webcomic Homestuck, what is the name of the game the 4 kids play? a. a. !Sburb b. Homesick c. Husslie d. Hiveswap Question 3: What is the most populous Muslimmajority nation in 2010? a. a. !Indonesia b. Saudi Arabia c. Iran d. Sudan Question 4: Which of these was the name of a bug found in April 2014 in the publicly available OpenSSL cryptography library? a. a. Shellshock b. Corrupted Blood c. Shellscript d. !Heartbleed Question 5: Nidhogg is a mythical creature from what mythology? a. a. Greek b. Egyptian c. !Norse d. Hindu Question 6: When does Finland celebrate their independence day? a. a. February 8th b. November 12th c. January 2nd d. !December 6th Question 7: What was the name of the inflatable duck sacrified to the crowd at the end of Episode 34 of the 18th season of Big Brother? a. a. Esteban b. Duckster c. Carlos
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