Math and science connection (23)

Page 1 MATH: Worksheet Question 1: The board game quot;Monopolyquot; is a variation of what board game? a. a. Property Feud b. The Monopolist039;s Game c. !The Landlord039;s Game d. Territorial Dispute Question 2: When did Spanish Peninsular War start? a. a. 1810 b. 1809 c. !1808 d. 1806 Question 3: How many members are there in the idol group quot;micro;039;squot;? a. a. !9 b. 48 c. 3 d. 6 Question 4: Which film star has his statue in Leicester Square? a. a. Rowan Atkinson b. Paul Newman c. !Charlie Chaplin d. Alfred Hitchcock Question 5: In which year did the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack occur? a. a. 2011 b. 2001 c. !1995 d. 1991 Question 6: According to Toby Fox, what was the method to creating the initial tune for Megalovania? a. a. Playing a Piano b. Listened to birds at the park c. Using a Composer Software d. !Singing into a Microphone Question 7: What is the most populous Muslimmajority nation in 2010? a. a. Saudi Arabia b. Sudan c. !Indonesia d. Iran Question 8: quot;Exilequot; and quot;Revelationsquot; were the third and fourth installments of which PC game series? a. a. Tropico b. !Myst c. Doom d. Shivers Question 9: In Big Hero 6, what were Baymax039;s motions modeled after? a. a. Baby bears b. Baby monkeys c. Baby ostriches d. !Baby penguins
Page 2 Question 10: Who is Manchester United039;s leading appearance maker? a. a. !Ryan Giggs b. Eric Cantona c. David Beckham d. Wayne Rooney Question 1: What was the last Marx Brothers film to feature Zeppo? a. a. A Day at the Races b. !Duck Soup c. A Night at the Opera d. Monkey Business Question 2: The difference between the lengths of a Boeing 777300ER and an Airbus A3501000 is closest to: a. a. 1m b. 100m c. 10m d. !0.1m Question 3: Which of these is NOT a possible drink to be made in the game quot;VA11 HALLA: Cyberpunk Bartender Actionquot;? a. a. !Sour Appletini b. Fringe Weaver c. Piano Man d. Bad Touch Question 4: What is the tallest mountain in Canada? a. a. Whistler Mountain b. Blue Mountain c. Mont Tremblant d. !Mount Logan Question 5: What is the secondlargest city in Lithuania? a. a. !Kaunas b. Panevys c. Klaipda d. Vilnius Question 6: How many voice channels does the Nintendo Entertainment System support natively? a. a. !5 b. 6 c. 4 d. 3 Question 7: In quot;Star Trekquot;, what sauce is commonly used by Klingons on bregit lung? a. a. Gazorpazorp pudding b. Sweet chili sauce c. Grapork sauce d. !Grapok sauce Question 8: Located in Chile, El Teniente is the world039;s largest underground mine for what metal? a. a. Iron b. !Copper c. Silver d. Nickel
Page 3 Question 9: What was the UK quot;Who Wants to be a Millionaire?quot; cheating scandal known as? a. a. Millionaire Crime b. Ingram Cheater c. Coughing Major d. !Major Fraud Question 10: In the Marvel Universe, the planet of Svartalfheim is home to what race? a. a. Skrulls b. Frost Giants c. Kronans d. !Dark Elves Question 1: Which of the following liquids is least viscous? Assume temperature is 25deg;C. a. a. !Acetone b. Mercury c. Water d. Benzene Question 2: Who was the original drummer for The Beatles? a. a. Pete Best b. !Tommy Moore c. Ringo Starr d. Stuart Sutcliffe Question 3: Albrecht Duuml;rer039;s birthplace and place of death were in... a. a. !Nuuml;rnberg b. Augsburg c. Bamberg d. Berlin Question 4: If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur what would grow? a. a. Flowers b. !Trees c. Grains d. Vegtables Question 5: In the video game quot;Metal Gear Solidquot;, what did Revolver Ocelot consider the greatest handgun ever made? a. a. Colt Python b. Colt M1892 c. Colt 1851 Navy Revolver d. !Colt Single Action Army Question 6: In the quot;Ace Attorneyquot; series, who was the truly responsible of the forging of the autopsy report of the pivotal IS7 incident? a. a. !Bansai Ichiyanagi b. Manfred Von Karma c. Gregory Edgeworth d. Tateyuki Shigaraki Question 7: In quot;Rick and Mortyquot;, from which dimension do Rick and Morty originate from? a. a. !C137 b. C136 c. J1977 d. C500a
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