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Page 1 JOUR: Soultions Question 1: In the Batman comics, by what other name is the villain Dr. Jonathan Crane known? a. a. Bane b. !Scarecrow c. Clayface d. Calendar Man Question 2: List the following Iranic empires in chronological order: a. a. Achaemenid, Median, Sassanid, Parthian b. !Median, Achaemenid, Parthian, Sassanid c. Achaemenid, Median, Parthian, Sassanid d. Median, Achaemenid, Sassanid, Parthian Question 3: In the original quot;Super Mario Bros.quot;, what is the acceleration of Mario if he was in free fall? a. a. 110 ms2 b. 9.42 ms2 c. !91.28 ms2 d. 4.4 ms2 Question 4: The core of the Sun can reach which temperature? a. a. !27deg; Million F 15deg; Million C b. 8deg; Billion F deg;4.4 Billion C c. 938,000deg; F 521093.3deg; C d. Absolute Zero Both F and C Question 5: In quot;Super Mario Sunshinequot;, how do you unlock the quot;Corona Mountainquot; level? a. a. By unlocking every nozzle F.L.U.D.D can use b. By obtaining 70 Shines c. By clearing every episode involving a quot;Secretquot; d. !By clearing every 7th episode Question 6: Who invented the quot;Spanning Tree Protocolquot;? a. a. !Radia Perlman b. Michael Roberts c. Vint Cerf d. Paul Vixie Question 7: In the 1969 Cartoon show quot;Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machinesquot;, which were NOT one of the lyrics in the opening theme? a. a. Nab him b. !Stab him c. Tab him d. Jab him Question 8: What year did the effort to deploy the Common Core State Standards CCSS in the US begin? a. a. 1997 b. !2009 c. 2012 d. 2006 Question 9: What is the most potent toxin known? a. a. Ricin b. Asbestos
Page 2 c. !Botulinum toxin d. Cyanide Question 10: Which of the following is used to measure blood pressure? a. a. Haemoerythrometer b. Barometer c. Ruler d. !Sphygmomanometer Question 1: Talos, the mythical giant bronze man, was the protector of which island? a. a. Sardinia b. !Crete c. Sicily d. Cyprus Question 2: In which city, is the Big Nickel located in Canada? a. a. !Sudbury, Ontario b. Calgary, Alberta c. Victoria, British Columbia d. Halifax, Nova Scotia Question 3: What was the last Marx Brothers film to feature Zeppo? a. a. A Night at the Opera b. Monkey Business c. A Day at the Races d. !Duck Soup Question 4: What scientific family does the Aardwolf belong to? a. a. Felidae b. !Hyaenidae c. Canidae d. Eupleridae Question 5: What is the real hair colour of the mainstream comic book version Earth616 of Daredevil? a. a. Brown b. Auburn c. !Blonde d. Black Question 6: How many rooms are there, not including the hallways and the set of stairs, in the board game quot;Cluequot;? a. a. 10 b. 1 c. 6 d. !9 Question 7: Who built the first laser? a. a. Edith Clarke b. !Theodore Harold Maiman c. Nikola Tesla d. Jack Kilby Question 8: Which of the following actors portrayed the Ninth Doctor in the British television show quot;Doctor Whoquot;? a. a. Matt Smith b. !Christopher Eccleston c. Tom Baker
Page 3 d. David Tennant Question 9: Which gaming series includes quot;The Diabolical Boxquot; and quot;The Curious Villagequot;? a. a. Persona b. !Professor Layton c. Sam amp; Max d. Etrian Odyssey Question 10: In which manga did the quot;404 Girlquot; from 4chan originate from? a. a. Clover b. Azumanga Daioh c. Lucky Star d. !Yotsubaamp;! Question 1: Where was the Games of the XXII Olympiad held? a. a. Tokyo b. Los Angeles c. Barcelona d. !Moscow Question 2: Which one of these chassis codes are used by BMW 3series? a. a. E85 b. E39 c. !E46 d. F10 Question 3: What was Napoleon Bonaparte039;s name before he changed it? a. a. Napoleona de Buenoparte b. Naapolion van Bonijpaart c. Napoleatilde;o do Boaparte d. !Napoleone di Buonaparte Question 4: Before quot;Jurassic Park IIIquot; was finalized and the Spinosaurus was chosen, which dinosaur was going to be the star? a. a. Tyrannosaurus Rex b. Velociraptor c. Suchomimus d. !Baryonyx Question 5: Who invented the quot;Spanning Tree Protocolquot;? a. a. Michael Roberts b. !Radia Perlman c. Paul Vixie d. Vint Cerf Question 6: What was the name of the coldwar singer who has a song in Grand Theft Auto IV, and a wall landmark in Moscow for his memorial? a. a. Jimi Hendrix b. Vladimir Vysotsky c. Brian Jones d. !Viktor Tsoi Question 7: In quot;The Witnessquot;, how many lasers must be activated to get into the mountain area? a. a. !7 b. 5 c. 12 d. 8
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