Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: According to the BBPA, what is the most common pub name in the UK?? a. Royal Oak b. King's Head c. White Hart d. !Red Lion Q2: Scotch whisky and Drambuie make up which cocktail?? a. !Rusty Nail b. Sex on the Beach c. Manhattan d. Screwdriver Q3: Which language is NOT Indo-European?? a. Latvian b. !Hungarian c. Greek d. Russian Q4: After how many years would you celebrate your crystal anniversary?? a. !15 b. 10 c. 20 d. 25 Q5: What did the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia ban in 2010, that took effect in 2012?? a. Flamenco b. Fiestas c. Mariachi d. !Bullfighting Q6: What character was once considered to be the 27th letter of the alphabet?? a. Pilcrow b. !Ampersand c. Tilde d. Interrobang Q7: Which of the following carbonated soft drinks were introduced first?? a. Coca-Cola b. Sprite
c. Mountain Dew d. !Dr. Pepper Q8: What was Mountain Dew's original slogan?? a. !Yahoo! Mountain Dew... It'll tickle your innards! b. Do The Dew c. Get' that barefoot feelin' drinkin' Mountain Dew d. Give Me A Dew Q9: When did the website "Facebook" launch?? a. !2004 b. 2005 c. 2006 d. 2003 Q10: What is the star sign of someone born on Valentines day?? a. Scorpio b. !Aquarius c. Pisces d. Capricorn
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