Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: What does a milliner make and sell?? a. Belts b. Shirts c. Shoes d. !Hats Q2: What is the defining characteristic of someone who is described as hirsute?? a. Tall b. Funny c. Rude d. !Hairy Q3: In the Morse code, which letter is indicated by 3 dots? ? a. C b. A c. !S d. O Q4: What was the destination of the missing flight MH370?? a. Singapore b. !Beijing c. Kuala Lumpur d. Tokyo Q5: What is the unit of currency in Laos?? a. !Kip b. Dollar c. Ruble d. Konra Q6: What country saw a world record 315 million voters turn out for elections on May 20, 1991?? a. Soviet Union b. United States of America c. !India d. Poland Q7: In a 1994 CBS interview, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates performed what unusual trick on camera?? a. Standing on his head b. !Jumping over an office chair
c. Jumping backwards over a desk d. Typing on a keyboard during a handstand Q8: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died from complications of which form of cancer?? a. Bone b. Liver c. Stomach d. !Pancreatic Q9: Which country has the most Trappist breweries?? a. USA b. France c. !Belgium d. Netherlands Q10: Linus Pauling, one of the only winners of multiple Nobel Prizes, earned his Nobel Prizes in Chemistry an a. Economics b. Physics c. Physiology/Medicine d. !Peace
nd what??
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