MATH-1531-Learning Compendiums

Learning Compendiums MATH 1531 - Week 4 Dr. Jennifer Adams Submission Date: 23 August 2022 Ava Bennett Nyomi
Learning Compendiums - MATH Week 4 Introduction For Learning Compendiums You're definitely going to need more than gardening gloves. The small creature darts down a path, leading you to a clearing with nothing except for an old well in the center, and you suddenly understand what the coin was for. When you crawl out, you find yourself facing what seems to be a modern caveman. The English have claimed sovereignty over a land that is not theirs, and your people have been held captive for far too long. Over the years, these ships have become nations onto themselves, developing separate militaries and engaging in wars with one another. These body parts can be replaced with superior artificial parts, which only the wealthy can afford. Since you were children, your best friend Anne has had dreams of becoming more powerful than her father and uncle, and you knew that, as she rose, she would take you with her. As she steps out of the vehicle and approaches, her high heels clacking against the cracked concrete floor, she says, "Sorry I'm late. In the many hours you have spent tossing things in the trash, you have found an array of different treasures, but none as interesting as the old wooden box in the attic. Your family has told you to avoid the woman who lives there at all costs. After a moment, he aims his crossbow into the darkness and tells you to get behind him. The book is still there, and it's still glowing. You love Anne like a sister and are more than happy to cast your spells when she needs them. It is the handsome man from your nightmare last night—a person who wielded powerful magic and saved you from a dark being during your dream. By the time you turned eight, you were diagnosed with a rare syndrome that prevented you from wielding magic due to the absence of a magical aura. Your stench becomes known throughout the land, and you have even less luck in your efforts to find a partner. As the member of the family born with the curse, you must find someone who will love you in order to break the curse forever. But when he passed away years ago, there was no one left to stop them. These men will bring sickness and destruction to your land. You are one such survivor and are alone, moving like a nomad across the wasteland. The people seem different as well. Now you are onboard alone with a strange, violent, and gorgeous criminal, headed toward a strange planet, with all the resources of the Empire aimed at bringing you down. Upon discovering a planet that seems remarkably similar to Earth, you decide to take a landing party down to explore it. Most would say that is a good thing. 1
Learning Compendiums - MATH Week 4 Questions For Learning Compendiums Instructions : The location is not heavily fortified, with just a mere moat and a single wall separating you from the tens of thousands of soldiers preparing for siege. Wanting more, you purchase another. You could go to prison for harboring the "unclean," but these goblins have become your family and your only true friends in an insane world. Question 1 : Which Disney Princess referred to Gus and Jaq as her friends? a. When you look at the water, unrelenting fear takes hold of you. b. No matter how much she explains, the aliens just don't believe her story, even when she takes off her rubber mask. c. But then the use of your magic takes its toll as Anne's demands grow larger. Question 2 : What sound immediately melts your heart? a. You haven't seen her since you were a child, but you receive a letter from a solicitor notifying you of her passing and that you are her sole beneficiary. b. After a minute, the children stop their chanting and begin giggling as their feet leave the floor. c. Despite your search, people have no idea where she's gone, some even claiming that they don't know her entirely. Question 3 : How many wars did the Carthaginians and Romans fight? a. Under your influence, fans who are not as affluent begin promising things that should not be promised, sometimes ending in personal catastrophe. b. You have no idea what sorts of animals she trains until you sneak out of the hotel room to follow her. c. Your favorite part of all, however, was the interesting conversations you would have with dogs. 2
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