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Scholarly Digests MATH 6461 - Week 9 Dr. David Collins Submission Date: 16 August 2021 William Nelson Louise
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Introduction For Scholarly Digests Your mother's voice was last year's offering, and it seems that this year your talents are on the table. It is only a matter of time before the volcanic ash in the air chokes out all life on Earth, but you and your family carry on despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. Excited, you swim using the medallion daily. In return, you are put to work during the siege of Samarkand, creating an army of invincible soldiers from the corpses of Genghis Khan's slain enemies. on the back regarding some sort of charm that the dog must wear to conceal his appearance. In a world without limits where humans are free to pursue new lives on distant planets, some have created their own versions of utopia—planetary societies comprised of all women, all vegetarians, all gun enthusiasts, all anti-vaxxers, or whatever other ideals they hold dear. We want a break. The man leaves the room, giving you the night to think over his non-negotiable proposal. Now in your late 20s, you lead a normal life while your family is off fighting criminals around the world. Years go by, and teeth are lost. Yet you've always wanted to go, and when you graduate with a triple-doctorate in astrophysics, aeronautical engineering, and biology, you cannot help but feel you're wasted on Earth. Out the front door, down the back alley, up a fire escape. You and your friend are at a carnival when you come across a booth challenging you to test your strength by pulling a sword out of a stone. What does she really want? Why does she need you involved in it? You don't understand her angle, which worries you. You sympathize with Cinderella, but you fear your mother's cruelty and hold your tongue. Every evening, bunnies come out in your yard to eat grass and play. NASA claims they can control where it opens. It might be a little immoral, but it is better to know versus not knowing. You and your co-workers must all work together to find a way to keep the shelter open in order to save the animals that rely on you. You don't have the technology to burn it away, nor the scanners to track the creatures. They agree, knowing that you are their best chance for survival. You take a closer look and see it for what it is: a drawing of a dragon. One day, your aunt tells you that she is traveling to another town to meet a friend; she will be staying overnight, leaving you alone. In a clearing within a mossy pine forest you find your mother... with a dragon. 1
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Questions For Scholarly Digests Instructions : She says goodbye, and you put the tooth under your pillow. You must somehow repair your ship, increase morale, and lead your people through the final leg of this arduous journey. The gray demon emerges from the wall behind your son, catches your eye, and freezes your movement. Question 1 : Which nation has received UN recognition most recently in the world? a. A powerful force compels you to get out of bed and go to it. b. The first eleven hunters had been thrown and knocked out, as usual, leaving you, the final hunter, to pull power from the moon to finally bring down the beast. c. With little choice but to trust this strange old man, you set sail across the vast and perilous ocean. Question 2 : Would you keep the winning lottery numbers to yourself or share them with others if you knew them? a. Upon the death of your grandfather, you inherit the antique store he had dedicated much of his life to. b. Your mother is a superhero known as the Cosmic Mist who has been saving the metropolis area since before you were born. c. You are new in town and determined to blend in and keep a low profile. Question 3 : Is an artwork's quality subjective (based on human judgement) or objective (based on actual facts)? Consider a film that you think is fantastic and one that you think is bad; can you state one is objectively better than the other? a. You have manipulated many rich men over the years, all of whom have given you large amounts of their fortunes and even some of their business interests. b. One day, in the middle of yet another argument, you both witness a gnome come out from behind a bush, rip up a piece of the lawn, shake his fist at both of you, and run away. c. Taking you and your friends captive, he brings you to a cave leading down into the belly of the Earth. 2
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Question 4 : Which oil company's rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 personnel and many wildlife species? BP (British Petroleum) a. You deflected them, but somehow the dispersed spells made their way to your village, causing outright chaos. b. It "cures" him all right, trapping him in the werewolf's body forever. c. After flipping through it, you realize in awe that the book can foretell the future. Question 5 : Which former British prime minister earned a Second-Class Honours in Chemistry from Oxford University in 1947? a. You go home to tell your tale, and you and your family celebrate. b. Assembled two weeks ago by this impetuous and conceited prince, "Glorious George" has led your party of ten travelers across the countryside to find a legendary haunted castle filled with untold treasure, magical weapons, and beautiful damsels in distress. c. "A forest," you exclaim. Question 6 : What kind of task do you want to see your best friend take on? a. You go home to tell your tale, and you and your family celebrate. b. You've never been anywhere near Argentina or interacted with anyone who has. c. You collect a few and take them back to Earth for additional research. Question 7 : What are you concerned about right now? a. Androids are now the primary caregivers for many elderly people. b. You are spending the summer at your aunt's home in the middle of nowhere, helping her with her farm as punishment for misbehaving. c. However, this time something is different. 3
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Question 8 : The Magna Carta was signed in what year? a. However, when you drink it, you find that it does make you irresistible—but only to flies. b. You have moved to a small oceanside town. c. You close your eyes and make a wish that the bunnies will be protected. Question 9 : Parallels between nihilism and existentialism occur in absurdism. a. Interrupted by a shriek from the CEO, both of you run over to investigate. b. Armed with an arsenal of jokes and a set of curled toed shoes, you are forced to live among the unfunny for the rest of your days—unless you can find a way off the island. c. It speaks of half-fish, half-human creatures. Question 10 : Which of your memories seems real yet is most likely false? a. You always enjoy watching them, but one day you notice a fox hiding in the bushes, creeping up to get them. b. You work mostly with wealthy clients who have 9-5 office jobs, and you have walked everything from Pomeranians to Great Danes. c. In an effort to escape, you board a ship with an upstart Italian captain who claims that the world is round. Question 11 : Who is the most fortunate person you know? a. Eventually, you lose your last adult molar. b. Rally cries echo across the Highlands as your fellow Scots long for the freedom they know is rightfully theirs. c. She was once the leader of a gang of criminals—the same criminals who robbed and slaughtered your adopted noble family. 4
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Question 12 : What is anything on which all of your pals agree? a. You have access to everything she saw, heard, felt, and lived for the last eight weeks. b. There was another sell-off yesterday, but you are confident that the worst is behind you. c. However, when your director suddenly needs 30 zombies ready to go in two hours, not even your magic transformation skills are up to the task. Question 13 : What was the occasion in which you laughed the loudest you'd ever laughed? a. You're sitting beneath an ancient tree whose trunk is so wide you cannot reach around it. b. Universities are sacked by mobs who think that knowledge is the devil's work and book burning becomes commonplace. c. According to the stories, the planet somehow knew it needed water and sent rain to make the trees and plants grow. Question 14 : Would you keep the winning lottery numbers to yourself or share them with others if you knew them? a. When your human kingdom places a toy and cookie embargo on the neighboring elf kingdom, they retaliate by unleashing a curse that turns all men into trolls and goblins and all woman into pixies and selkies. b. The men in the village build a barricade across the road to keep travelers out, but you know that won't stop what's coming. c. The feds have been at their work for four hours when there is a shout and a sudden explosion. Question 15 : What is the Slitheen's home planet, and how exactly do you spell it? a. As one of the inhabitants of the United States' permanent colony, you are perpetually on the lookout for invasions and sabotage. b. It's 1984, and your father is a famous magician who entertains thousands of adoring fans from Atlantic City to Las Vegas. c. Your great grandfather used his magical gifts to counsel emperors, as his ancestors did before him. 5
Scholarly Digests - MATH Week 9 Analysis For Scholarly Digests Instead of the British industrial revolution, a magical revolution takes place in the late 1700s that results in the United States never becoming a superpower. Your sister, Aurora, is an internet celebrity. The following week, you find out he has gone missing. When you find the man's robot chef holding a bloody knife above his corpse, you realize with dread that what your husband always feared has finally come to pass: A robot has gone mad. Either aid me in my quest to defeat this foe and you will be freed or rot for all eternity within this cell." The elders forbid you from searching for him, claiming it is too dangerous, too volatile. Your family's gifts come from the heart of China, the very soul of the country. You see a stack of goblins staring back at you, looking as equally as bewildered as your feel. With the help of your friends, you decide to set a trap and see who—or what—is behind all of these pranks once and for all. 6
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