Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: What does a milliner make and sell?? a. Shoes b. Belts c. Shirts d. !Hats Q2: Which essential condiment is also known as Japanese horseradish?? a. !Wasabi b. Mentsuyu c. Ponzu d. Karashi Q3: Which of these companies does NOT manufacture automobiles?? a. GMC b. Fiat c. !Ducati d. Nissan Q4: Who is the founder of "The Lego Group"?? a. Kirstine Christiansen b. !Ole Kirk Christiansen c. Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen d. Jens Niels Christiansen Q5: What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?? a. Kappa b. Epsilon c. !Omega d. Mu Q6: Which of the General Mills Corporation's monster cereals was the last to be released in the 1970& a. Boo-Berry b. Count Chocula c. Franken Berry d. !Fruit Brute Q7: When was Hubba Bubba first introduced?? a. 1984 b. 1972
c. 1980 d. !1979 Q8: What is the Portuguese word for "Brazil"?? a. Brasíl b. Brasilia c. Brazil d. !Brasil Q9: In a 1994 CBS interview, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates performed what unusual trick on camera?? a. Jumping backwards over a desk b. Standing on his head c. !Jumping over an office chair d. Typing on a keyboard during a handstand Q10: Earl Grey tea is black tea flavoured with what?? a. Lavender b. Vanilla c. !Bergamot oil d. Honey
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