Antrophology connection and science (29)

Page 1 ANT: Worksheet Question 1: What was the punishment for Sysiphus039;s craftiness? a. a. Tied to a boulder for eternity, being pecked by birds. b. To fell a tree that regenerated after every axe swing. c. !Cursed to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity. d. Standing in a lake filled with water he could not drink. Question 2: Which of the following commercial vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV did NOT reappear in Grand Theft Auto V? a. a. !Steed b. Benson c. Mule d. Pony Question 3: In 2012 the Germanspeaking microstate quot;Liechtensteinquot; in Central Europe had a population of how many inhabitants? a. a. 323,400 b. !36,600 c. 2,400 d. 90,000 Question 4: If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur what would grow? a. a. Vegtables b. !Trees c. Grains d. Flowers Question 5: What year was Queen Elizabeth II born? a. a. 1930 b. 1929 c. !1926 d. 1923 Question 6: Which of these is NOT a possible drink to be made in the game quot;VA11 HALLA: Cyberpunk Bartender Actionquot;? a. a. !Sour Appletini b. Piano Man c. Fringe Weaver d. Bad Touch Question 7: Which of these anime have over 7,500 episodes? a. a. One Piece b. !Sazaesan c. Chibi Marukochan d. Naruto Question 8: Which of the following is the standard THX subwoofer crossover frequency? a. a. 90 Hz b. !80 Hz c. 100 Hz d. 70 Hz Question 9: Which of these games was NOT developed by Markus Persson? a. a. Wurm Online b. 0x10c c. Minecraft
Page 2 d. !Dwarf Fortress Question 10: In quot;Final Fantasy VIquot;, what is the name of summoned Gilgamesh039;s weakest attack? a. a. Excalibore b. Excalisnore c. !Excalipoor d. Excalisore Question 1: What is the name of your team in Star Wars: Republic Commando? a. a. Bravo Six b. The Commandos c. !Delta Squad d. Vader039;s Fist Question 2: What was the name of the planet in quot;Aliensquot;? a. a. FR838 b. Weyland Yutani Corporation Base c. DI621 d. !LV426 Question 3: In the game Nuclear Throne, what organization chases the player character throughout the game? a. a. !The I.D.P.D b. The Bandits c. The Fishmen d. The Y.V.G.G Question 4: When was Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany? a. a. !January 30, 1933 b. February 27, 1933 c. September 1, 1939 d. October 6, 1939 Question 5: In what Disney movie can you spot the character quot;PacManquot; in if you look closely enough in some scenes? a. a. Monsters, Inc. b. !Tron c. Fantasia d. Big Hero 6 Question 6: Bohdan Khmelnytsky was which of the following? a. a. Grand Prince of Novgorod b. Prince of Wallachia c. !Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks d. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Question 7: What is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit? a. a. 39 b. 42 c. !40 d. 32 Question 8: What was the aim of the quot;Umbrella Revolutionquot; in Hong Kong in 2014? a. a. Lower taxes b. !Genuine universal suffrage c. Gaining Independence d. Go back under British Rule
Page 3 Question 9: The quot;To LoveRuquot; Manga was started in what year? a. a. 2005 b. 2007 c. 2004 d. !2006 Question 10: Which of the following is the term for quot;surgical complications resulting from surgical sponges left inside the patient039;s body? a. a. !Gossypiboma b. Meupareunia c. Jentacular d. Gongoozler Question 1: During the Wars of the Roses 1455 1487 which Englishman was dubbed quot;the Kingmakerquot;? a. a. Richard III b. Henry V c. !Richard Neville d. Thomas Warwick Question 2: Which of these songs is NOT included in the Suicide Squad OST? a. a. Without Me Eminem b. Heathens Twenty One Pilots c. !Skies on Fire ACDC d. Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Question 3: In the Panic! At the Disco039;s song quot;Nothern Downpourquot;, which lyric follows 039;I know the world039;s a broken bone039;. a. a. quot;So let them know they039;re on their ownquot; b. !quot;So melt your headaches call it homequot; c. quot;So sing your song until you039;re homequot; d. quot;So start a fire in their cold stonequot; Question 4: Which variant of the MP5 is depicted in CounterStrike 1.6? a. a. !MP5N b. MP5K c. MP5SD d. MP5RAS Question 5: What did the abbreviation quot;RMSquot; stand for in the RMS Titanic in 1912? a. a. Regular Maritime Schedule b. Royal Majesty Service c. Regulated Maelstrom Sensor d. !Royal Mail Ship Question 6: What is the default name of the Vampire character in quot;Shining Soul 2quot;. a. a. Dracuul b. Alucard c. !Bloodstar d. Sachs Question 7: Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave revolt in which country? a. a. United States b. Cuba c. France d. !Haiti
Page 4 Question 8: Chino Moreno is the lead singer of which alternative metal band? a. a. Tool b. Korn c. Type O Negative d. !Deftones Question 9: If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur, what would grow? a. a. !Trees b. Vegetables c. Grains d. Flowers Question 10: What is the capital of Wisconsin, USA? a. a. Green Bay b. !Madison c. Wisconsin Dells d. Milwaukee
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