Nero and science connection (4)

Page 1 NERO: Summary 1 In the year 1900, what were the most popular first names given to boy and girl babies born in the United States? a. William and Elizabeth b. Joseph and Catherine c. !John and Mary d. George and Anne 2 Who was the original drummer for The Beatles? a. !Tommy Moore b. Pete Best c. Stuart Sutcliffe d. Ringo Starr 3 Which of the following commercial vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV did NOT reappear in Grand Theft Auto V? a. Benson b. !Steed c. Mule d. Pony 4 Who voice acted the character Hiccup in the movie quot;How to Train Your Dragonquot;? a. !Jay Baruchel b. Jack Brauchel c. Gerard Butler d. John Powell 5 In what Homestuck Update was S Game Over released? a. August 28th, 2003 b. April 13th, 2009 c. April 8th, 2012 d. !October 25th, 2014 6 Which of the following plastic is commonly used for window frames, gutters and drain pipes? a. Polystyrene PS b. Polyethylene PE c. Polypropylene PP d. !Polyvinylchloride PVC 7 In quot;The Binding of Isaacquot;, which item instantly kills Mom and Mom039;s Heart? a. The Halo b. !The Bible c. Book of Shadows d. Brimstone 8 If someone said quot;you are olidquot;, what would they mean? a. Your appearance is repulsive. b. You are out of shapeweak. c. !You smell extremely unpleasant. d. You are incomprehensiblean idiot. 9 What major programming language does Unreal Engine 4 use? a. C b. ECMAScript
Page 2 c. Assembly d. !C++ 10 The word quot;sciencequot; stems from the word quot;scirequot; meaning what? a. !To know b. To live c. To count d. To measure 1 Electronic music producer Kygo039;s popularity skyrocketed after a certain remix. Which song did he remix? a. aha Take On Me b. Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing c. Coldplay Midnight d. !Ed Sheeran I See Fire 2 Which was the first of Alfred Hitchcock039;s movies to be filmed in colour? a. Psycho b. !Rope c. Rebecca d. Vertigo 3 What is the romanized Chinese word for quot;airplanequot;? a. Qiche b. Huojian c. Zongxian d. !Feiji 4 In the game Nuclear Throne, what organization chases the player character throughout the game? a. The Y.V.G.G b. The Fishmen c. The Bandits d. !The I.D.P.D 5 What is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit? a. 32 b. 39 c. !40 d. 42 6 In the Lego Island trilogy, who taught Pepper Roni how to read? a. !Officer Laura Brick b. Officer Nick Brick c. Papa Brickolini d. Mama Brickolini 7 How many aces can be shot down through the entirety of quot;Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan Warquot;? a. 245 b. !169 c. 132 d. 100 8 Which of these cities has a 4deg; East longitude. a. Rio de Janero b. Toronto c. !Amsterdam
Page 3 d. Hong Kong 9 The coat of arms of the King of Spain contains the arms from the monarchs of Castille, Leon, Aragon and which other former Iberian kingdom? a. !Navarre b. Catalonia c. Granada d. Galicia 10 Which of these Russian cities did NOT contain a stadium that was used in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? a. Yekaterinburg b. Kaliningrad c. !Vladivostok d. RostovonDon 1 What tool lends it039;s name to a laststone advantage in an end in Curling? a. Screwdriver b. !Hammer c. Wrench d. Drill 2 On which day did ARPANET suffer a 4 hour long network crash? a. October 29, 1969 b. December 9, 1991 c. November 21, 1969 d. !October 27, 1980 3 Winch of these names are not a character of JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventure? a. !JoJo Kikasu b. Risotto Nero c. JeanPierre Polnareff d. George Joestar 4 How many voice channels does the Super Nintendo Entertainment System support? a. 12 b. !8 c. 6 d. 10 5 In quot;Gravity Fallsquot;, what does Quentin Trembley do when he is driven out from the White House? a. Jump out the window. b. !Eat a salamander and jump out the window. c. Release 1,000 captive salamanders into the white house. d. Leave in peace. 6 In flight systems, what does the initialism quot;TCASquot; stand for? a. Traffic Communication Alert System b. Traffic Configuration Alignment System c. !Traffic Collision Avoidance System d. Traffic Callsign Abbreviation System 7 In the Kingdom Hearts series, which is not an optional boss you can fight? a. !Master Yen Sid b. Kurt Zisa c. Julius d. Sephiroth
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