Geo science and policy (35)

Page 1 GEO: Assignment Question 1: What was the punishment for Sysiphus039;s craftiness? a. a. Standing in a lake filled with water he could not drink. b. Tied to a boulder for eternity, being pecked by birds. c. !Cursed to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity. d. To fell a tree that regenerated after every axe swing. Question 2: An organic compound is considered an alcohol if it has what functional group? a. a. Carbonyl b. Aldehyde c. !Hydroxyl d. Alkyl Question 3: Which of the following chemicals are found in eggplant seeds? a. a. Mescaline b. !Nicotine c. Cyanide d. Psilocybin Question 4: What is the name of the main character in the video game VA11 HALLA: Cyberpunk Bartender Action? a. a. !Jill b. Anna c. Dana d. Alma Question 5: Which one of these chassis codes are used by BMW 3series? a. a. E39 b. E85 c. !E46 d. F10 Question 6: How many calories are in a 355 ml can of Pepsi Cola? a. a. 200 b. !150 c. 100 d. 155 Question 7: What is the name of the school in the anime and manga quot;Gosickquot;? a. a. St. Augustine b. !St. Marguerite c. St. Bernadette d. St. Mary Question 8: Which church039;s interior in Vatican City was designed in 1503 by renaissance architects including Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini? a. a. !St. Peter039;s Basilica b. Catania Cathedral c. The Duomo of Florence d. St. Markrsquo;s Basilica Question 9: The word quot;abuliaquot; means which of the following? a. a. The inability to concentrate on anything b. !The inability to make decisions c. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off d. The inability to stand up
Page 2 Question 10: In the game Enter the Gungeon, which one of these is not a playable character? a. a. !The Wizard b. The Bullet c. The Cultist d. The Robot Question 1: What country is not a part of Scandinavia? a. a. Denmark b. !Finland c. Norway d. Sweden Question 2: Which film star has his statue in Leicester Square? a. a. Rowan Atkinson b. Alfred Hitchcock c. Paul Newman d. !Charlie Chaplin Question 3: What is the English title of the vaporwave track quot;420 quot; by Macintosh Plus Vektroid? a. a. !Lisa Frank 420 Modern Computing b. Make Your Move 420 My Mind c. It039;s All In Your Head 420 Understand d. Smoke Weed 420 Everyday Question 4: Which of these names was an actual codename for a cancelled Microsoft project? a. a. Enceladus b. Pollux c. Saturn d. !Neptune Question 5: In the title of the game quot;Luigi039;s Mansionquot;, what is the only letter to not appear with a pair of eyes in it? a. a. n b. m c. !s d. i Question 6: In quot;Call Of Duty: Zombiesquot;, which map039;s opening cutscene shows quot;Richtofenquot; killing another version of himself? a. a. Moon b. Der Eisendrache c. !The Giant d. Shadows Of Evil Question 7: What is the most common climbing route for the second highest mountain in the world, K2? a. a. !Abruzzi Spur b. Magic Line c. Cesen Route d. Polish Line Question 8: In Magic: The Gathering, what card039;s flavor text is quot;Catch!quot;? a. a. Throwing Knife b. StoneThrowing Devils c. !Lava Axe
Page 3 d. Ember Shot Question 9: The word quot;sciencequot; stems from the word quot;scirequot; meaning what? a. a. To measure b. To live c. To count d. !To know Question 10: Which of the following Physicists aided Nazi Germany in their production of a nuclear weapon? a. a. Albert Einstein b. !Werner Heisenberg c. John von Neumann d. Max Planck Question 1: In the game quot;The Simsquot;, how many Simoleons does each family start with? a. a. !20,000 b. 25,000 c. 15,000 d. 10,000 Question 2: In the Gamecube Version of quot;Resident Evilquot; what text document is open on the monitor of the computer in the Visual Data Room? a. a. Document on B.O.Ws b. !A GDC Document c. Text Document on Herbs d. Nothing Question 3: In quot;Highschool of the Deadquot;, where did Komuro and Saeko establish to meet after the bus explosion? a. a. The Center Mall b. Komuro039;s House c. On The Main Bridge d. !Eastern Police Station Question 4: Which musician has collaborated with American producer Porter Robinson and released the 2016 song quot;Shelterquot;? a. a. deadmau5 b. Zedd c. !Madeon d. Mat Zo Question 5: Which of the following United States senators is known for performing a 24hour long filibuster? a. a. Chuck Schumer b. John Barrasso c. Roy Blunt d. !Strom Thurmond Question 6: Which game in the quot;Monster Hunterquot; series introduced the quot;Insect Glaivequot; weapon? a. a. !Monster Hunter 4 b. Monster Hunter Stories c. Monster Hunter 2 d. Monster Hunter Freedom Question 7: Dutch computer scientist Mark Overmars is known for creating which game
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