1. The Pythagorean theorem states that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the product of the squares of the other two sides. a. !False b. True 2. What039;s the square root of 49? a. !7 b. 12 c. 9 d. 4 3. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 12,345,678,987,654,321 a. !True b. False 4. E MC3 a. !False b. True 5. The metric prefix quot;attoquot; makes a measurement how much smaller than the base unit? a. One Billionth b. One Quadrillionth c. !One Quintillionth d. One Septillionth 6. An equilateral triangle always has every angle measuring 60deg;. a. False b. !True 7. How many sides does a trapezium have? a. 5 b. !4 c. 3 d. 6 8. Which of the following dice is not a platonic solid? a. 20sided die b. 8sided die c. !10sided die d. 12sided die 1. What are the base station trackers used for the HTC Vive called? a. Trackers b. !Lighthouse c. Constellation d. Motion
2. The term quot;batteryquot; to describe an electrical storage device was coined by? a. Alessandro Volta b. Luigi Galvani c. Nikola Tesla d. !Benjamin Franklin 3. Which company designed the quot;Betamaxquot; video cassette format? a. !Sony b. Fujitsu c. Panasonic d. LG 4. Which buzzword did Apple Inc. use to describe their removal of the headphone jack? a. Revolution b. Bravery c. Innovation d. !Courage 5. Which of the following is the standard THX subwoofer crossover frequency? a. 100 Hz b. 90 Hz c. !80 Hz d. 70 Hz 6. Who patented a steam engine that produced continuous rotary motion? a. !James Watt b. Albert Einstein c. Alessandro Volta d. Nikola Tesla 7. Who built the first laser? a. Jack Kilby b. Nikola Tesla c. Edith Clarke d. !Theodore Harold Maiman 8. Which company developed the Hololens? a. Tobii b. !Microsoft c. Oculus d. HTC 1. According to the BBPA, what is the most common pub name in the UK? a. King039;s Head b. Royal Oak c. !Red Lion d. White Hart
2. What name represents the letter quot;Mquot; in the NATO phonetic alphabet? a. !Mike b. Mark c. Matthew d. Max 3. Which of these companies does NOT manufacture automobiles? a. Fiat b. GMC c. !Ducati d. Nissan 4. What was the destination of the missing flight MH370? a. Singapore b. Kuala Lumpur c. Tokyo d. !Beijing 5. Which of the following is an existing family in quot;The Simsquot;? a. !The Goth Family b. The Family c. The Proud Family d. The Simoleon Family 6. In 2010, Twitter and the United States Library of Congress partnered together to archive every tweet by American citizens. a. !True b. False 7. Which product did Nokia, the telecommunications company, originally sell? a. Computers b. Processors c. !Paper d. Phones 8. Who invented Pastafarianism? a. !Bobby Henderson b. Zach Soldi c. Eric Tignor d. Bill Nye 9. In a 1994 CBS interview, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates performed what unusual trick on camera? a. !Jumping over an office chair b. Standing on his head c. Jumping backwards over a desk d. Typing on a keyboard during a handstand 10. What was the original name of the search engine quot;Googlequot;? a. SearchPro
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